7 steps to get rid of armpit odor and dark color

July 01, 2021 July 01, 2021
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Description: From women's body care routine, skin care, underarm care and dark discoloration removal, here is a guide to underarm care.
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Underarm skin


Underarm skincare routine: 7 steps you need to take



1-     Scrub armpit


It is very important to scrub your armpits from time to time using natural mixtures. This method will help you remove dead skin, and thus get rid of darkening under the armpit.


 We advise you to apply brown sugar with olive oil under the armpits, twice a week, while taking a shower, to whiten this area and get rid of dead cells.


2-     Moisturizing the skin under the armpit and removing the unpleasant smell


Make sure your armpit skin is moisturized by applying masks known as Armpit Masks. The latter is just like face masks and others, as they provide the skin with nutrients that prevent dehydration and moisturize it from the depth. It also works to absorb all the accumulated chemicals such as aluminum, parabens, and triclosan from the skin of your armpits.


In addition, it activates the lymphatic system, which helps remove harmful toxins from the body, to restore the skin's natural balance, purifying it, and removing the unpleasant odor.


3-     Removing underarm hair the right way


You may be one of the women who remove hair from under the armpits from bottom to top or vice versa using a razor, which leads to inflammation and blackening of the skin. From here, to have smooth skin like children and white, you must pass the blade under the armpit in the form of an X, as the hair grows in this area in different directions.


This method will save you more from hair and with fewer passes on the skin, as it will not harm your skin and will not expose it to inflammation or redness.


4-     Use the underarm serum


If you thought that serums are limited to facial skin, you are wrong! You must use this product under the armpits as well, to whiten the skin and prevent blackening. The serum will also restore the youthful-looking skin of the armpits.


5-     Avoid deodorants rich in chemicals


Avoid deodorants that contain very strong chemicals because they close the pores under the armpits, making the skin tone dark. When spraying deodorant, keep the bottle 15 cm away from your skin.


In addition, you can resort to natural alternatives to deodorants such as lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.


6-     Use an antiperspirant


Unlike deodorant, antiperspirant does not contain any aromatic ingredients, but rather aluminum salts that turn into a gel when the antiperspirant is applied to the body. Thus, it works to reduce the process of sweating, by narrowing the pores of the sweat glands with this gel.


Therefore, the use of this antiperspirant is a treatment for sweating, which takes a certain time according to the secretions of the sweat glands. Some antiperspirants contain ingredients that not only reduce sweating but also help whiten the skin.


7-     Avoid sugar and processed foods


Foods saturated with sugar or processed foods lead to increased sweating, unpleasant odors and reduce the effectiveness of deodorant. From here, make sure to eat healthy foods such as vegetables and citrus fruits that remove toxic components that cause unpleasant odors in the body.


Sources: jamalouki.net

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