Warning signs of premature aging of the skin

February 08, 2021 July 04, 2021
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Description: Exposure to early skin aging is worrying, some bad habits lead to it, let's get to know these habits to avoid them.
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Warning signs of premature aging of the skin
skin aging

While the idea of signs of aging can be accepted over the years, exposure to signs of early skin aging and young people is alarming, as some bad habits such as smoking, wake-up and unhealthy eating lead to signs that are not suitable for young age, and we reveal them to alert them.


Facial injury

These bumps appear small and white in color, usually around the nose and cheeks, while their presence is associated with the loss of skin's ability to exfoliate, which occurs under the overuse of certain cosmetics and beauty products, resulting in signs of skin aging.


The thickest lips

Skin aging is clearly defined despite the young age, when the lips become thinner than they used to be, to be aware of the need to know the reason to be this age-related appearance, where the lips can then suffer from lack of collagen or the secret may be a lack of vitamin C, prolonged exposure to sunlight, dehydration, or even the use of a drinking straw or hood.


Easy skin damage

The shape of the nose has changed. Warning signs of early skin aging. Warning signs of premature skin aging

The sudden injury of some small bruises to the face, without knowing the causes, is a sign of aging, as the skin is thicker than before, making it more susceptible to injuries and less able to heal, which requires careful hydtining of the skin continuously.

Drooping eyelid

It is recommended to stop rubbing the eye when observing eyelid prolapse, as this drooping is a sign of skin aging, which sometimes appears due to the use of hard contact lenses, or possibly as a result of eye surgery.


Changing the shape of the nose

Many people realize that over-40s are formally associated with a change in the shape of the nose and the skin around it, but these changes are likely to surprise us at an early age due to direct exposure to strong sunlight, which can only be treated through rhinoplasty operations that have become widespread around the world.


The appearance of red spots

These red skin spots appear in their 30s and may increase in prevalence in their 40s and are not harmful to health, but they are harmful on a formal level as they are signs of skin aging, so some are keen to get rid of them through surgeries usually performed by lasers.


Eye bulge

It is the last sign of skin aging that afflicts many people with discomfort, as it is the bulge of the eyes in the third decade of life, a formal crisis that occurs when not taking care of a healthy sleep or due to the accumulation of fluid in that area of the face, so it is necessary to avoid salt-filled foods in order to reduce the storage of water in the body as much as possible, so that the crisis disappears then.


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