Tips and recipes for body scrub

June 20, 2021 June 20, 2021
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Description: Let's get acquainted about body sanding and the most important information related to it
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Tips and recipes for body scrub


body scrub


What is a body scrub? What are its benefits? And what ingredients are recommended to be used to get the best results from body scrubs? The most important information in the following article.


Let's get acquainted with the following about body sanding and the most important information related to it:


What is a body scrub?


A body scrub is a process that helps rid the skin of the dead cells that have accumulated on its surface.


The skin tends to renew its cells and replace them with entirely new cells about every 30 days.

But in some cases, the skin is not able to get rid of old dead cells on its own, or the ability of the skin to renew its cells may decrease, as happens with age, which may reflect negatively on the appearance of the skin, so that annoying symptoms appear on the skin, such as flaking, or dehydration.


In such cases, the skin needs external help, and this help may be in the form of a body scrub.


Things to consider before body sanding


It should be noted that body sanding may not suit everyone, and doing it the wrong way may negatively affect the appearance and health of the skin, so before starting with sanding the skin, the following must be taken into account:


1. Skin type


Some skin types may not be suitable for sanding, or the components of body scrub mixtures may not be suitable for them.


2. Sanding method and components used


Some skin types may be suited to a particular method more than the other, and these are the methods usually used in sanding the skin:

Mechanical method: Body sanding in this method is usually done with a coarse tool or by hand, and the components used in this type of sanding are often natural ingredients.

Chemical method: Some types of acids are usually used in this method to help the body get rid of dead skin cells.


Benefits of body scrub


Body scrub may have many potential benefits, let's get acquainted with the most prominent of them in the following:

Improving the health and appearance of the skin and treating some skin problems, such as dry skin.

Enhance the absorption of beneficial substances in various skin creams and ointments, which may help to improve the body's use of them.

Improving the production of collagen in the skin, which may help improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and give the skin a firmer, more youthful appearance.


Protecting the skin from clogging pores, which may help reduce the chances of skin infection with some health problems, such as acne.


Natural body scrub


If you want to reap the potential benefits of a natural body scrub, here is a list of the most prominent natural methods and ingredients that may help you get rid of dead skin cells:


Body scrub with brown sugar and almond oil


Follow these steps:

Prepare 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and 1 teaspoon of almond oil.

Mix the mentioned ingredients, and you can increase the quantities used according to your need.

Apply the mixture to your skin and start gently rubbing the skin using the mixture in circular motions for a few minutes.

Leave the mixture on your skin for a few additional minutes, and then wash your skin with warm water.

Repeat this recipe 1-2 times a week.


Body scrub with sugar and sea salt


Follow these steps:

Prepare ½ cup of sugar, ¼ cup of sea salt, two tablespoons of honey, two tablespoons of shea butter, two tablespoons of coconut oil, one tablespoon of jojoba oil, and a few drops of peppermint essential oil.

Mix the ingredients in a deep bowl until you have a homogeneous mixture.

Put a small amount of the resulting mixture on the towel used to clean the body during the shower, then start rubbing the skin of the body in circular motions until it covers most areas of the body.

Wash your body well using warm water

You can store the remaining amount in an airtight container to use at a later time for a body scrub.


Body scrub with other natural ingredients


You can use many other natural ingredients to make your body scrub at home, these are the most prominent ingredients that you can use to make your version of the homebody scrub:

Coarse ingredients or acids that may help get rid of dead skin, such as baking soda, English salt, apple cider vinegar, coffee grounds, oats, papaya, ground almonds, and lemon.

Wet ingredients that may help add moisture to the skin, such as Vitamin E, olive oil, aloe vera gel, and yogurt.

Useful aromatic ingredients, such as Violet essential oil.


Important tips for a body scrub



For a safe, useful, and safe sanding process, be sure to follow the following tips:

Try not to use soap to wash your skin after scrubbing the body. Just wash the skin with water only to help the body's skin benefit from the moisture that the natural scrub ingredients gave it as much as possible.

Apply your usual moisturizer to your skin immediately after you finish sanding, to protect your skin from drying out.

It is preferable to avoid doing the body sanding procedure in the following



If the skin has any burns, cuts, or scrapes.

If you use ointments and exfoliating creams.

Do not rub the leather too hard or violently during the sanding process.

Don't over sand the body but repeat the process according to your body's tolerance.

Stop sanding the body if there are any signs of excessive sandings, such as redness of the skin, flaking of the skin, and inflammation.



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