Fashion rules that women don't have to follow anymore

June 30, 2021 April 22, 2023
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Description: Here are some fashion beliefs and tips that women are no longer required to follow.
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Fashion rules that women don't have to follow anymore

 Fashion magazines are full of advice on what to do and what to avoid to be on-trend. The designers we see on TV reveal the rules that all women must follow, and many blindly trust their opinions, forgetting about the fact that we all have different tastes and the way to choose what suits us.


The American "Brightside" website presented some of the beliefs and tips related to fashion that women are no longer required to follow.


 Rule 1: Fashionable clothes are only for skinny girls


Some believe that body shape is the key to elegance. But the ability to coordinate clothes beautifully does not depend on the shape of the body, as you can find fashionable clothes of any size in modern stores.

 You just have to determine the fashion styles and colors that suit you, and then you have to learn how to accentuate your features with the help of clothes.


Rule 2: Without perfect hair, the look is incomplete


One of the most common and outdated rules is that you have to style your hair so it looks perfect. Of course, the hairstyle complements the look, but now fashion is paying less attention to this aspect, so you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort on perfectly curling or straightening your hair.


Two curly strands separated from the hairstyle or shaggy hair give an attractive and charming look that emphasizes the tenderness of a woman.

 Even the prominent roots of dyed hair no longer frighten anyone today but have become fashionable. Of course, imperfect appearance has nothing to do with negligence, hair must remain clean and neat, and nothing else.


One of the most common and outdated rules is that you have to style your hair so it looks perfect (pixels).


Rule 3: At this age, you can't wear.


Many women think that when they reach a certain age, they should change the style of their clothes. The secret is that the women themselves invented this rule.


But in the modern world, there are no age restrictions when it comes to wardrobe, and clothes are not divided into categories by age.


Stereotypes about fashion restrictions are a thing of the past, along with the rest of the rules about what to do and what to avoid at a certain age.


Rule 4: Clothes that are too big make you look bigger


On the contrary, loose clothing makes the body look more delicate.

 To achieve this effect, you need to follow a simple rule of thumb for coordinating plus-size clothing: clothing must be tight in at least one area of ​​the body, or one part of the body must be exposed.

Thanks to this design, plus-size clothing style has captured the hearts of millions of women, because you can change your body shape.


Many women think that when they reach a certain age they have to change the style of their clothes (Pixabe)


Rule 5: Oversized clothes with layers that hide body flaws


The layers and folds of the fabric add volume, while loose-fitting clothing conceals the contours of the body, making it appear several times larger.

On the other hand, moderately narrow fashion styles or elements that accentuate the shape of the body will look more elegant. For example, a belt will help draw attention to your slim waist.


Rule 6: Do not grow hair after the age of 40


There is no universal hairstyle for older women. If the health of the hair is fine and the length accentuates the facial features, then there is no point in cutting long hair just because you are of a certain age. The most important thing is your comfort and confidence.


In addition, long hairstyles not only emphasize your advantages but also hide your flaws. These hairstyles are ideal for those with round or slightly fuller faces as they visually lengthen them.



Rule 7: Your bag should match your shoes


Many are trying to find a bag that fits their shoes and this is not surprising.

 However strict matching looks old-fashioned, today you can see a combination of massive sneakers with a feminine handbag, or high-heeled shoes with a belt bag.

 Also, your clothes can have different patterns and colors.


Rule 8: You should not wear more than 3 colors


After the emergence of the trend of combining contrasting colors, this rule was abandoned forever. 

Wearing clothes in more than 3 colors makes you look attractive. But the basic principle is to combine colors in one piece of clothing decorated with geometric shapes of colors, or simply choose pieces of different colors.


Rule 9: Colored clothes don't suit me


A certain color may not suit you, but it is impossible not to suit you all shades. The important thing is to find a shade that matches your skin tone that changes with the seasons.


Rule 10: Women should wear feminine clothing



It is time to abandon this rule, as there is nothing wrong with wearing jeans and a leather jacket, according to the author.


Rule 11: You can't combine green and pink



There is nothing to prevent the combination of these two colors, as we see in nature very beautiful scenes of red and pink flowers surrounded by green petals.


There is nothing to prevent the combination of green and pink. In nature, beautiful scenes of pink flowers are surrounded by green petals (pixels).


Rule 12: Leather clothing is provocative



It is preferable to coordinate leather clothing appropriately. Wearing a leather suit with over-the-knee leather boots might sound cliched. But wearing separate pieces of leather clothing such as pants, shirts, and jackets looks very elegant.


Rule 13: Old-fashioned style makes you look older



Many women avoid clothes in their "grandmothers' closet" or buy them from second-hand stores, thinking they will make them look older. But the clothing itself is not responsible for showing age, but it must be coordinated appropriately.


Rule 14: Tattoos must be hidden



Some people express their personality through tattoos. While some see it as a sign of recklessness and childish behavior. That is why tattoo owners are keen to hide it. But there is nothing to be ashamed of and hide.


Rule 15: Thin heels fit everyone



It is preferable to choose shoes based on body type to avoid imbalance. Despite its elegant shape, chubby girls should pay attention when choosing thin heels, because the huge body with them looks more full due to the contrast.


Mature beauty has been popular for several seasons and women don't have to dye their hair white (pixels)


Rule 16: You have to dye the hair white


Women feel they have to submit to the stereotypes prevailing in society and dye their hair white. But the mature beauty has become popular for several seasons, and symbolizes the status of a woman and that she can follow her path.

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