Study: Oral and dental health care extends a woman's life

July 01, 2021 July 01, 2021
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Description: A study indicates that periodontal disease has been associated with an increased mortality from any cause. Here details
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Oral and dental health care extends a woman's life
Oral and dental health care extends a woman's life

"Hollywood smile" is the dream of every woman looking for beauty and distinction, but according to a recent study, the benefits of healthy white teeth go beyond just beauty, but can help you live longer.


The study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, analyzed data from more than 57,000 women, aged at least 55 years, who were monitored for 7 years. During this period, there were about 3,800 deaths and 3,589 cases of heart disease.


The study found, according to the British Net Doctor website, that periodontal disease was associated with an increase in the rate of death from any cause by 12% and 17% in women who lost all their natural teeth. Moreover, these women were more likely to have heart disease, and it was noted that they rarely went to the dentist.


In a statement, study author Michael LaMonte said: "Older women may be more likely to die from the condition of their gums, and may benefit greatly if they do more intensive oral care."


"Our study is among the largest that focuses exclusively on postmenopausal women, whose incidence of complete tooth loss and heart disease is considered to be very high nationwide," he added.


While 1 in 4 adults in the UK admit not brushing their teeth twice a day, and a quarter of Brits say they have not gone to the dentist in the past two years, the results of this study are a strong reason to think.


However, Lamonte insisted that more research is needed before a definitive link between heart disease and other diseases can be reached.


Finally, just a small dental problem does not mean that you are close to heart disease, but it is important to visit the dentist when you notice any health problems in the mouth and pay attention to good oral hygiene.

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