The top 9 beauty trends of 2019 ... get to know them

September 12, 2020 September 12, 2020
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The top 9 beauty trends of 2019 ... get to know them



The top 9 beauty trends of 2019 ... get to know them, Women - regardless of their different cultures, countries, and interests - are interested in learning about fashion and cosmetics, to choose what suits their personalities.


The following are the top ten shouts that you can read about and try them, according to the advice of writer Billy Schwab Dan in a report published in the British Daily Mail newspaper, according to the Pinterest site, which witnesses a turnout of women looking for new ideas.


The fashion world web care of everything that women are interested in


1-   The short, childish bang


The trends of hairstyles are constantly changing, and perhaps the most recent is the short, childish bangs. And for women who are unaware of how short childish bangs are, it often takes the form of a bang with a soft or sharp appearance, reaching the middle of the forehead above the eyebrows.


This hairstyle is inspired by classic cuts, and it has proven that it attracts many, noting that the number of women who search for pictures of short bangs has increased by 51%.


2-   Women celebrate gray hair


Often, women are not brave to show any signs of aging, and they make sure to hide gray hair as soon as it appears.


But an increasing number of women are allowing their naturally gray hair to grow, sparkling shiny, silver locks.


The most prominent evidence for this is that the search for the phrase "getting gray" on the social site increased by 879%.


3-   "Powder" nail polish replaces gel nails


Powder nail polish is a better option, as it lasts longer than traditional gels, and is easy to remove. The search for this trend has increased by 442%.


4-   Lifting eyelashes naturally


Although many beauty-loving women tend to raise and bend their eyelashes with chemicals and false eyelashes, the number of women looking for natural solutions has increased significantly.


Beauty lovers have turned to products such as castor oil and grape seed oil, and the number of women seeking natural products to raise eyelashes has grown dramatically, reaching 52%.


5-   Use lip gloss for shadows


From lips to eyelids, lip gloss helps women accentuate facial features and make them sparkle. Beauticians can get this look by using regular shades of the eyelids and then applying a lip balm or oil to enjoy a color closer to the lip gloss over the lids.

Interestingly, the search for polishing cosmetics increased by 89%.


6-   The appearance of protruding lips returns again


Another style is back to sweeping the stage again, as the beauty icons combine a subtle look with a bold lipstick.


 To get this look, women must use a lip balm for the first layer to which the lipstick will be applied.


Many women may avoid applying a bright color to their lips, as this will make  lipstick that goes beyond the borders of the lips more prominent, but this can be avoided by using lip liner and appropriate makeup corrector.


The search for prominent lipstick colors grew by 467%.


7-   Almond nails


Nail trends are constantly changing, so what may be fashionable now may become outdated and unpopular tomorrow.

But almond nails appeared as a strange and distinctive trend, and the search for them rose to 97%.


8-   An exfoliating face wash instead of an exfoliating ointment


Women are now adopting a liquid exfoliating lotion to moisturize the face and get smoother and brighter skin.


These products are designed to get rid of dead cells and make the skin smooth and radiant.


Thanks to their active ingredients, they are more effective than traditional peeling ointments.


 The search for a face scrub lotion rose by 58%.


9-   The appearance of the lilac color


Get ready to see a lot of lilacs this year, as this lovely light hair color trend is sweeping the beauty and makeup arena.


The most prominent evidence for this is that the number of those searching for lilac hair increased by 1077%.


This is not all shouts. In the fashion world web , we chose the nine top trends of 2019

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