7 Essential steps for curly hair care

September 13, 2020 September 13, 2020
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7 Essential steps for curly hair care


Many women find it difficult to take care of their hair, especially if it is curly, as curly hair requires special care in order for it to appear smoother and softer.


In an article published by The American Revenery, writer Tatiana Diaz said that her hair was so curly as a child that she went to a beauty salon nearly every week.


Using a hairdryer has caused her hair to lose its natural look as well as the damage it.


But at the age of twenty-six, and given her spending a lot of money on styling her hair every week so that it looked healthy, she decided to treat the damage and damage caused to it as a result of exposure to heat. Dryer and straighten hair.


After doing some research, I turned to a salon expert for curly hair styling in New York.


During her visit, she learned that restoring her hair to its natural appearance would be a complex process that required the sacrifice of a few centimeters.


The author asked many questions and wrote some notes and advice that the shop owner offered her. Here is all the information you should know.

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1.    Treat the damage


It's time to get rid of all the styling equipment and chemical treatments you use to straighten your hair, except for the blow dryer you'll want to curl.


You should stop using straightening irons and keratin treatments several weeks before you cut them, and allow your natural hair to grow out before cutting it, and if you have long hair, you probably don't want to cut it for fear of it getting too short.


You should use products that repair, straighten and straighten hair (Pixabay)

2.    professional designer


You should take some time to find a professional hairdresser, especially since their number is limited in the industry. Use the internet to do a thorough search, and you can search on Google or Facebook.


You should also ensure that the professional hairdresser you choose has previously treated different types of hair similar to yours. If you are still not sure of your choice, you can contact a hairdresser for a personal consultation.


3.    Willing to take risks


You must be ready to have your hair cut. You don't have to make him lose much of his length, but sometimes you may have to get rid of damaged and split ends.


4.    Advertising


Think of this as an opportunity to take a bold step, especially if you want to get rid of the look of your old, damaged hair.


You can tell your hairdresser the perfect length for you, but you should be prepared to take the risk if it tells you that you need to cut a few more inches. If you choose a professional hairdresser, you must trust him.


5.    The hair I want


I thought it would take years for my wavy hair to regain its natural shape again, but the result was better than I expected.


Most of the time, you will not get the desired result the first time, because the first hair cutting process may not work, and you must repeat it again before getting the hair you want.


You must accept the idea that your hair will be shorter than you expected, or that the hairstyle you got may not be what you wanted it to be, and it may take more than four hair care sessions to be able to have healthy hair.


6.    Allocate the budget


The prices for cutting curly hair can be somewhat expensive, depending on the experience of the stylist, and you should also expect to pay more than the budget allocated for this purpose, as the prices are high because cutting curly hair takes a lot of time, two or maybe three hours, According to hair density and texture.


7.    Change your style


It does not end up just leaving the beauty salon, as you must follow a strict regime regarding exposure to heat, and one must focus on caring for hair at home with moisturizing products.


You should also use products that repair and strengthen hair, and use medicated shampoos and many others. As for hairdressing, it should not be combed hard.


In general, it is essential to adhere to the rules for caring for curly hair, and although this daily routine may take longer than usual (more than 10 or 15 minutes), having healthy waves will make it worth the effort.

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