Masks of Disney princesses in the time of Corona ... a shoe, a dragon, a mug and a lamp

September 11, 2020 September 11, 2020
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Masks of Disney princesses in the time of Corona ... a shoe, a dragon, a mug, and a lamp


It seems that Corona infection is not only limited to people and society but has swept art and fashion after the medical mask, gloves, disinfection bottles, social isolation, and quarantine have become the vocabulary of literature and art in circulation.


In interaction with Covid-19 and its tremendous effects on public awareness and the collective memory of humans around the world, artist Dave Salamanca Pooja imagined famous Disney princesses in an era of pandemic and quarantine, wearing medical masks for them but in different art and innovative path.


Salamanca, who specializes in drawing in create Disney world outfit ideas and who specializes in drawing all Disney characters, loves to integrate it with contemporary life with all its developments, interactions, and problems, and to imagine what could happen in the real world.


In Disney world outfit ideas and by Salamanca came Dave's drawing is neat and closely resembles Disney's lines and shapes, and he posts most of his drawings on his Instagram.


Mask Billy & Jasmine and Cinderella


In his drawing of Billy, or Beauty in Beauty and the Beast, he matches the original but chooses her mask as a "gray" or small enchanted cup.


Jasmine from Aladdin also painted the magic lamp wearing a mask that matches her jewelry and accessories, as it is in fact the magic lamp with the genie ready to intervene in the event of the emergence of the Coronavirus.


As for the sleeping princess Aurora, it seems that the "obsessive-compulsive disorder" of the virus made her ask the painter a mask that completely covers her face and head and provides full protection in anticipation of any infection, while Snow White chose the mask she loves in the mask of the seven dwarves.


Cinderella used the shoe that was the face of happiness on her, to protect her from Covid-19 and the evil stepmother, and despite the strangeness of the mask, at the same time, it did not hide her smile or affect her charming appearance.


As for Tarzan's wife, she has an innovative medical mask with the image of a monkey, an embodiment of freedom and departure in the woods, and in return, Mulan brought a Chinese dragon with which he confronted the virus and the epidemic.


On the other hand, Princess Elsa used a mask that combines snow and jewelry from the movie "Frozen", as if she was working to freeze the virus, paralyze it, and stop its spread.

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