Hair and fashion

Hair and fashion

Hair and fashion

Hair and fashion, In this article, we have a relatively long talk about the latest hairstyles, whether those for long or short hair for an appearance and not the most beautiful that gives you the radiance that you deserve. The woman's hair is the crown of her beauty, and the more it is consistent with the woman's face and body, the more elegant she is, the more energetic and the beginning. Also, cutting and combing hair has many health benefits, for example, eliminating split ends, helping to grow hair better, loosening tangles that may make it look bad and other benefits that integrate with the benefits of washing hair and adding oils to it, thereby contributing to its cleaning and strengthening. Now let's look at the next few lines towards that haircut tour, wishing you the best choices and tastes for you, especially with our  selection of everything new to be mentioned in the article and that, is as follows:

Long hairstyles

The way of stairs:

 By cutting the ends of the hair randomly by making long ends and other short ends to be semi-staircase, it is a simple long haircut with not taking a large amount of long hair, which gives you the distinction and renewal in your look always.

How to cut the sides:

 Shortening the sides only randomly, leaving the middle strands some long and some short, a simple and distinctive long haircut that gives you a new and simple look at the same time.

The one-length theory with separating the strands:

Cut the hair all along one length by making the ends of the hair equal but separate. It is a distinctive long, simple, and gentle haircut that always gives delicacy and elegance.

Long hair triangle:

Through the work of gradual hair from top to bottom to be in the form of a triangle base at the front of the hair and at the end at the ends, new and distinguished for those looking for long hairstyles fashion.

Hair clipping from the middle:

 Cut the ends of the hair from the middle to be listed from short to long, which is a long hair stylist that is considered one of the newest and most recent distinct hairstyles.

Cut hair from the back:

 Cut long hair from the back and leave the hair sides long and equal to each other to give a distinctive and elegant look.

Random Grading:

 A random haircut that gives a bold look to people with long hair.

Short hairstyles

Cutting the ends in a variety of ways:

 Cutting the ends of the hair, whether in an equal, random, or graduated manner, to give a renewed and distinctive look to the owners of medium length hair.

Curly haircut:

 Focuses on natural hair ripples with short curly bangs covering the forehead. Also, this story does not require cutting a lot of your hair. If you want to maintain the length of your current hair, but you want to give a renewed touch to your appearance, then do not hesitate at all to adopt this story during the coming days.

The haircut of the lube:

It is a distinct and very popular haircut for this winter, and it focuses on sharp ripples in the layers of hair, and the short ocher sent on the entire forehead. If you want a practical and comfortable haircut, do not hesitate to adopt the haircut with short stroke and sharp ripples, as it is suitable for various hairstyles, especially straight and haircut and curly.

Tiered haircut:

 If you have a problem with light hair, the tiered haircut is the perfect option for you, as it makes your hair look denser and gives it a larger volume.