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What Nails Say About Your Health

What Nails Say About Your Health
what nails say about your health

All women around the world know that nails are one of the signs of beauty that every woman should pay attention to because it reflects how healthy the body is and the woman’s self-care.

The nails are a thicker and more solid form of the skin layer forms, and it is only a more solid and thicker mat than the upper layer of the skin. Also, the nails are made of dead cells, which in turn consist of a strong type of keratin. Through this article, we have provided you with some information about the nail world in addition to the Causes that change the color of nails.

Information about nails:

·        The nails mainly consist of a protein skin substance, which is known as keratin.

·        Calcium in the formation of nails is not very important, even if it interferes with some vital processes that may help in some other bodies, systems perform important functions.

·  The nail grows every day at a rate of 0.1 m, so it needs from 4 to 6 months to fully regenerate, and the toenails may take a whole year to renew themselves.

An effective way to remove nail polish:

1)   Apply a little oil to the skin and the area around the nails.

2)   Put your hands in a bowl of acetone, and make sure that your nails are completely in the bowl.

3)   Lift your hands off the bowl, then use cotton or acetone to remove and clean the few remaining side stains.

4)   After this step, massage your skin with oils that protect the skin and improve nail growth.

Causes that change the color of nails:

·        External factors: such as tinctures for some topical medications.

·        Age, which results in nail damage, and it becomes yellow.

·        Fungal infections.

·        Psoriasis: It makes the nail yellow or brown.

·        Some medications make nails yellow.