Top Tips for Nail Magnificence

June 06, 2019 July 06, 2021
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Top Tips for Nail Magnificence
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Women's interest in the beauty of their hands and their nail, this indicates to the fashion world web through health and beauty. The state of the nails often reflects the state of public health.


Women are much more exposed to iron-deficiency anemia than men because of repeated burdens, which harms the safety of their fingernails. Nail care is a top priority for every woman, therefore, every woman must pay attention to the beauty of her nails, because the beauty of any woman starts from the nails and the softness of the hand.


Also, every woman must always strive to know what is new in the fashion world web and concerning nail polish that gives a special luster to your nails to look beautiful and gentle. Hence, in this article, we present some tips for women to take care of their nails.


1.    Tips for healthy and strong nails:

·        Wear gloves when doing housework to protect your nails and not break, and don't use your nails as a tool to scrape or clean things, as this will weaken them, making them vulnerable to breakage and corrosion quickly.

·        You can use some of the natural recipes that are available in your home for healthy and attractive nails.

·        Eat iron and omega-3 fats, both of which are beneficial to your overall health and beauty, so Iron has an effective role in regenerating skin cells and strengthening your nails, and you can get it through whole grains and some types of leafy vegetables, such as spinach.

·        Keep your body wet by not neglecting water, also a cup of milk which contains zinc that will help you get stronger nails.


2.   Recipes for nail care at home

·        Lemon recipe for yellowing nails

·        Potato recipe to strengthen nails

·        Avocado recipe for healthy nails


3.   Problems affecting the nails

·        Weak nails are the result of permanent exposure to chemicals, such as cleaning products.

·        Yellow nails are caused by nail polish and removal.


·        fashion world web, No nail growth is the result of an individual being pressured, having a high fever, or taking medications that have stopped nail growth.

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