9 makeup tips for women with hooded eyes

August 10, 2021 August 10, 2021
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Description: When it comes to applying eye makeup, hooded eyes and other eyelid shapes are important factors, We'll take hooded eyes from the eye shapes.
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9 makeup tips for women with hooded eyes
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When it comes to applying eye makeup, hooded eyes and other eyelid shapes are important factors. Let's be clear: All eye shapes can look beautiful with a certain rhythm, whether you have a circular, monocular, or hooded eye structure. The fashion world web wishes you a good time reading.


But some makeup tips can simply accentuate your look – just as you can go for cool shades to add a touch of elegance to your face and eyes.


We'll take hooded eyes from the eye shapes, where we focus our article on today, experts offer their veteran tricks to improve the shape of hooded eyes, read on with us in the fashion world web.


How do you check if you have hooded eyes or not?


If your skin appears to fold down from the brow bone above the lash line, you will likely have hooded eyes. It can be hard to find your natural wrinkles (especially with your eyes closed). This is because the brow bone tends to hide part of the eyelid lid.


Some eyes have more lids than others, this is based on genetics or over time as the skin tone changes naturally from reaching the stage of aging.


Makeup Tips For hooded eyes


These tips are small tweaks to help improve a hooded eye:


1. Try the cut crease


If you have a covered eye, we can give the illusion that you have more eyelids and a separate brow bone. "That's because you're using shadow to create a strong contrast that sculpts your crease and provides more definition," makeup artist AJ Crimson told mbg. "It evens out [the eye shape] more crease where it wasn't there before," he adds.


2. Curl the eyelashes


"Curly your eyelashes before applying mascara for big Doo eyes," makeup artist Alexandra Compton told mindbodygreen, about tips for every eye shape. Even if you don't wear makeup, light pressure with an eyelash curler can open up your eyes and make you look more awake.


This is especially helpful if your hooded eyes have an upside-down shape, as those lashes tend to droop without proper curling.

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3. Use smudge-proof mascara


Being so close to the lash line, many women with hooded eyes find their mascara goes to the brow bone at the end of the day. If you are, waterproof mascara is a must.


4. Let the lining smudge


If you're the type of woman who borders your highest waterline, embrace the natural smoke that builds with time: "Line inside the edge, and let it blend in and work its way through," say, experts, "it'll give you the kind of makeup look you live in and undo."


5. Tight with nude or white eyeliner


To open and accentuate the eyes, tighten your waterline with nude eyeliner. According to experts, "it will make any eye shape appear wider and brighter"


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6. Look in the mirror when applying


Whether you use shadow or eyeliner, you strive to make sure you keep your eyes open and look directly into the mirror all the time.


When applying makeup to closed eyelids, the lid may smudge your progress at the beginning of your eyes open, or the makeup will look smaller once the lid falls on the lash line.


7. When applying the liner, use the batwing trick.


Liner hacks vary over a wide range - a hard skill to master.


For hooded eyes, you can use a 'bat liner'. Essentially, you move your eyeliner right over the skin fold—when you close your eyes, the pigment explodes into a tad like a little bit.


8. Use a lift concealer


To make eyes pop and look lifted, a trusted concealer can do nothing wrong. Just use the popular TikTok viral trick to make eyes look wider and hide dark circles.


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 9. Use the highlighter only under the brow arch


"Don't accentuate the entire brow bone," says esthetician Janae Lockard who is popular on TikTok. "This makes her look very puffy and saggy."


So, don't bring out the entire brow bone - accentuate it. Other experts say, "Instead, apply the highlighter just below the arch of the brow." This way you're helping to define the area without bringing the brow bone all the way forward.


We hope in the fashion world web you take advantage of this article.

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