12 tips to take care of eyelashes and increase their volume

May 07, 2021 May 07, 2021
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Description: Eyelashes add beauty around the eyes, many women like to take care of the hair of the eyelashes over the eyes, here are tips for caring for eyelashes
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12 tips to take care of eyelashes and increase their volume

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The eyes are the first thing that attracts one to the other person, and the most important thing that adorns the eyes and gives them attractiveness and magnificence are eyelashes, and long and thick eyelashes are considered one of the most important features of attractiveness for Arab women, as they are considered evidence of a woman’s interest in herself and her elegance, and therefore girls resort to applying cosmetics that show the eyelashes. Long and dense, to be at its best.


Health guidance offers a set of tips for taking care of eyelashes, keeping them strong, long, and attractive, and protecting them From falling out According to Hiba Mari :

1- Eat foods with high nutritional value to maintain eyelashes.


2- Use a gentle mascara remover on the eyelashes, wiping the eyelids gently, and there is no need for tension.


3- Avoid curly eyelashes reaching the roots, and it is better not to use them at all.


4- Remove the mascara clumps before they dry on the eyelashes by gently combing them.


5- Changing the mascara with a new one every six months, up to a maximum.


6- Refrain from rubbing the eyes harshly, which leads to large numbers of eyelashes falling out.


7- Use an eyelash conditioner. Coconut oil or Vaseline can be used and applied to the eyelashes every night.


8- Using natural oils that help in lengthening eyelashes, including castor oil and eucalyptus oil.


9- Wash the eyes with cold water daily to refresh the eyelashes and eyes.


10 - Get enough sleep hours daily, to maintain the freshness of your eyes and eyelashes.


11- Eat foods that are beneficial for the growth of eyelashes, especially fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, B, and C.


12- Remove make-up before bed.

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