The Next Apple Watch: Series 7

August 09, 2021 August 09, 2021
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Description: In the fashion world web, we present the most credible reports for the next Apple Watch, let's not dwell on you.
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Next Apple Watch
Next Apple Watch

Six years have passed since the first Apple Watch appeared on the market, today the next Apple Watches are more advanced.

Watches have seen some significant changes to date with cellular screens, larger screens, and more powerful sensors. However, this year there is the next 7 series Apple Watch.

In the fashion world web, we present the most credible reports for the next Apple Watch, let's not dwell on you.


Series 7: The next Apple Watch


On the first day of this month, Mark Gurman predicted that Apple might drop the material for the higher-priced version this year.


June 28: According to a new report about a new design of the S7 chip for the next Apple Watch, the Economic Daily News reports that Apple is working to free up space inside the Apple Watch to put a larger battery.


June 26: According to a Digi Times report, Apple will likely use encapsulation technology, a new duplex technology for the S7 SiP (System Within a Package) to help reduce its size further.

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 Series 7: The design and colors of the next Apple Watch


An expert has reported that the next Apple Watches could feature a new design, with flat edges like the edges of the iPhone 12.


Analysts believe that the next Apple Watch Series 7 will be distinguished by an improved form factor, while others have previously stated that the next Apple Watch could have thinner bezels and thicker cases.


Analysts also told the company that the company is experimenting with colors and the Series 7 may come in a variety of colors. It is not clear whether the current blue and red colors will remain constant.


It is worth noting that Apple is famous for its watches and has made a range of high-end watches and phones over the past years, including pure gold, ceramic and most recently titanium watches.


Apple Watch Series 7: Display

The next Apple Watch will likely have a different screen. It will have thinner bezels and new technology that brings the screen closer to the front cover", which could result in a slightly larger and nicer screen.


Apple last time increased the screen size from 38 mm and 42 mm to 40 mm and 44 mm with the Series 4. It is possible that the next Apple Watches will have an increase in screen size.


Apple Watch Series 7: Health Features

In a recent report to the Telegraph, it was reported that Apple will work in the future to develop health features for the following Apple Watches, where: Monitoring blood pressure, glucose and alcohol level. But according to Bloomberg, these features will not be ready for Series 7.


On the next Apple Watches, and in the back burner in particular, there is a body temperature sensor. According to Bloomberg, Apple wanted to put this feature in the Series 7 watch but decided to delay it until 2022 or later.


Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that the next Apple Watch Series 7 could include new swim-tracking features, but details of these features were not provided.


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