3 Amazing Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

August 10, 2021 August 10, 2021
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Description: The fashion world web offers a step-by-step guide to getting the perfect Smokey eye makeup
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3 amazing Smokey eye makeup looks
3 amazing Smokey eye makeup looks

How much time have you spent on social media searching for the perfect and perfect Smokey eye makeup? It is actually very easy. The fashion world web offers a step-by-step guide to getting the perfect Smokey eye makeup. Continue reading.


Smokey eyes have been a perfectionist for quite some time now. No matter what occasion you invite to draw on my eyes, but it seems that smoky eyes are the favorite of the majority of girls and women. Perhaps the secret is that it makes your eyes look more beautiful and bright.


3 trendy Smokey eye makeup looks

If you are new to the world of makeup, it is important to start at the base. Here is a very simple smoky eye makeup routine that you can have an amazing beauty experience with.

1. Natural Smokey Eye Makeup 


Smokey eye
Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Some girls say that dark smoky eyes look amazing with party wear. Or be convenient for a romantic night with your husband.


But it is different with a lens for everyday make-up, as we choose subtle options. You can opt for your everyday Smokey eye makeup where you have few things to wear, but your eyes still look great.


You can use three different colors. Make sure to use colors from the same family, for example: peach, pink and maroon from the same family.


Step one: Apply pink as a transitional shade on the crease.


Step 2: Use a peach shade on the inner corners.


Step Three: Use and place chestnuts on the outer corners.


Step Four: Use a clean brush and blend it well until it is smooth.


Don't hold the brush next to the bristles and try to hold it at the tip of the handle. This way, you'll have less control over the brush and the smoky eye doesn't look slick.


Apply a thin line of eyeliner to your upper lids and use some mascara to complete the Smokey makeup look. Choose a light pink lipstick and finish off the look. The fashion world web offers you other types, keep reading.

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2. Smokey brown eye makeup


Smokey eye
Smokey brown eye makeup

If you are one of those who have nude makeup, smoky brown eyes are the look for you. This elegant smoky eye makeup look is just right for keeping your eye makeup in style.


Step 1: The base color should be close to your skin tone. Use it on your entire eyelid.


Step Two: It will continue to crease that transitional shade that is a bit darker.


Step Three: The darkest color is the color you use on the outer cover.


Step 4: Add a shimmery brown shade to your Smokey brown eye makeup.


The perfect eyeliner to go with this makeup look is the classic winged eyeliner. Put on brown Kajal, use false eyelashes if you like them and add mascara to complete the look of smoky brown eye makeup.

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3. Reverse Smokey eye


Smokey eye
Reverse Smokey eye

The steps for this make-up are as follows:


Step 1: Apply a dark brown eyeshadow and with a thin tapered brush, apply it to the lower lash line so that there is a wing on the outer corners.


Step 2: Then repeat the black eyeshadow one more time, making sure to smudge the existing eye shadow and blend it appropriately.


Step Three: Use a thin eyeliner on the upper lash line to make the look complete and add a bit of mascara.

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These were three types of Smokey eye makeup. The fashion world web wishes you to benefit from this article.

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