Girl Experience: 5 Unique lip colors that I really like


Girl Experience: 5 Unique lip colors that I really like
Girl Experience: 5 Unique lip colors that I really like

Even though I am low maintenance when it comes to my makeup routine, I like to play with the colors of my lips. I'm not the type to love eye makeup or even try to do anything intense with the contour, but when it comes to lipsticks, lip glosses, lip tints, and more, I will try everything.


Maybe because it's a lot easier to apply a lip product than it is to create a complex eye shadow. Or maybe because if I'm wrong I can delete it. Anyway, experimenting with Unique lip colors is very subtle but a lot of fun for me.


I have my favorite colors and When I wear coral lipstick, I know that 1. it will be fun and a nice change from my regular makeup routine and 2. At least I guarantee you one compliment.


I think coral is a wonderful universal shade. You just have to choose one with the right shades for your skin. You can look for deeper corals, lighter corals, drift corals in the pink area, or orange corals. The options are endless. And there's a reason it's so flattering: It's a unique color that not many people wear very often, as most people are drawn to pink and red.


The color can be used all year round, but I like to use it mostly during the summer months or in hot weather. There is something so fun about wearing this shade when paired with a dress that shows off a bit of skin. It's just me?


Anyway, have I convinced you of the choral poem? If so, check out some of the great options below.


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Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 on Karina Star


Unique lip colors

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 in Karina Star ($ 37)

This is the Unique lip color I wore in the photo above, and it is also my favorite lipstick. I like that it is not too orange nor too pink, it looks good to me. I can pop colors on one layer, or if I want something more saturated, I will do more layers.


Ultra-lip brighter in Coupe Unique lip colors


Unique lip colors

Brighter Ultra lip on Coupe ($ 18)


But if you prefer sparkle and boldness, you can't go wrong with the Glossier Cup, which is described as a bright orange. The formula itself is so luxurious - it's a moisturizing, sparkling, and coloring lip balm all at the same time.

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Giorgio Armani Lip Power A silky long-lasting lipstick


Unique lip colors

 in a beautiful color Giorgio Armani Lip Power Satin Longwear Lipstick in Splendid ($ 38)


Rather, it is a pink coral. This long-lasting lipstick contains an oil with a satin finish so your lips don't appear dry.


Revlon Super Glossy Coral Berry Lipstick


Unique lip colors

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coral Berry ($ 5)


Revlon lipstick is on the lighter side of the coral spectrum. It looks peachy pink. The lipstick formula itself is infused with vitamin E and avocado oil, so it spreads smoothly and keeps lips moisturized.


W3ll People Optimist in Brave Semi-Matte Lipstick


Unique lip colors

W3ll People Optimist Semi-Matte in Brave Lipstick ($ 15)


Unique Lip colors, Semi-matte lipstick has rich pigment and hydrates and deeply nourishes with cupcake butter, jojoba oil, aloe Vera, vitamins, and omega oils.


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