2 simple nail designs for short nails

2 simple nail designs for short nails
2 simple nail designs for short nails

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Nails are an element of a woman's beauty. It is enough to simple nail design and take care of their cleanliness to make your hands look more beautiful. Some women use nail polishes and other cosmetics.


When it comes to simple nail designs, there are beautiful long nails. However, girls see that short nails are more practical, less likely to break, and therefore better.


Here I am going to share 3 simple nail designs for short nails.




If you want to shine in your manicure, you need to take good care of your nails. And if you want your short nails to look perfect, you need to give your skin some attention and shape it properly.


Start with the cuticle oil and then gently push off the excess skin with an orangewood stick. Your nails will be more beautiful and your manicure will last for a long time.


To make a simple nail designs, use a file, as short or long nails look better when formed using a glass nail file. There are oval or seashells on short nails that will look beautiful. Make sure they are all the same length.


The 2 simple nail designs for short nails below should be applied on a master coat that suits your requirements. This will help avoid stains and make your manicure last longer.


So, with the preparation over, it's time to explore some manicure ideas for short nails!


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Simple nail designs ideas


Classic: French manicure


French manicure will make your fingers look longer. Some women choose white varnish directly on top of a clear base, while others use a nude nail polish on the whole nail.


There are French manicure stickers that you can stick to your nails just below the free edge, where you want the white section to begin exactly. It makes creating a pure white color, or if you're feeling adventurous, replace the white with a contrasting neon or even black.


Don't forget the shiny topcoat to take your French manicure to the next level!


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Geometric seal

If you are looking for something a bit more vibrant than the French nails we talked about before, nail stamping is a good idea for simple nail designs. Stamping means transferring designs from metal stamping plates to rivets by stamping. it is fun!


For short nails, geometric stamping works best, as you may not have enough room for cute drawing or other repetitive designs. But try to see what you feel comfortable with!


Some combinations that work effectively on short nails are gold stamping on a blue background, silver on red or black, and even a shiny gold or silver stamp on a polished bare base.


Nail stamping kits usually include one or more stamp pads, a stamper, and a scraper which may take some practice.

You can search for a nail salon near you and conduct the experiment.

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