Choose the best lens for girls eyes with dark skin

January 21, 2021 January 23, 2021
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Choose the best lenses for girls eyes with dark skin


Some dark-skinned girls believe that their skin color will not allow them to wear contact lenses, and therefore they refrain from buying them, but this is wrong. There are colors that go well with brown skin more than white and give an attractive look to the eyes and face.


It is necessary when choosing brown-skinned lenses to pay attention to the natural color of the eyes, not just the skin. This helps in choosing the appropriate color shade.


Lenses that befit a brown girl


According to the "all about vision" eye health website, there are 3 lens colors that suit brown skin, the first being gray, which is the most common among women; Because it is close to the color of the skin and hair, whether it is light or dark.


Black-skinned women can also adopt dark green lenses because they give the eyes a deeper shape, and are much more suited to black eyeliner and eye shadow in a suitable degree for your skin and the third color is brown. Because it is compatible with brown skin, but you must choose the appropriate shade.


In the event that you will be wearing contact lenses throughout the day or for long hours, you should choose soft lenses that make your eyes feel comfortable, and you must also consider using eye drops that the doctor will recommend so that the eye does not become inflamed and red.


And if you feel the bother of daily cleaning and sterilizing lenses, you can resort to purchasing daily lenses that are worn for one day and then discarded.


Also, beware of wearing contact lenses if your eyes are allergic or dry. Because the lenses will increase the intensity of this, and that is why you should visit an eye doctor before choosing the right lens to take medical precautions.


The ideal contact lens color for dark skin is brown and honey in their shades, in addition to dark shades of various other colors, such as dark blue, dark gray, and dark green, so that dark brown and honey shades are chosen for those with dark hair, while light and dark blue can be chosen, Dark gray, dark green for fair hair.


Colored contact lenses in earthy shades are the most beautiful for brown skin, such as brown and honey in their degrees, in addition to green or green mixed with honey, and these colors can be worn with all hair colors for brown skinned women.


What about contact lenses for white skin?


Fortunately for girls with white skin, they can wear all colors of contact lenses without exception, but the degrees depend on the color of the hair so that snowy and very light shades can be used for those with blond hair, darker shades for those with light brown hair, and so on.


What are the best types of colored contact lenses?


OXYGEN CONTACT LENSES are the best choice ever!


As it is one of the few products that guarantees long-term comfort while wearing it, as well as it is available in a wide range of natural colors that suit all skin tones and harmonize with the eyes and highlight their breadth for a more attractive look.


It is also one of the leading brands and is the best-selling product from the beauty expert, Warda Sowimel, who launched oxygen lenses to the market in 2014 after realizing his lack of lenses that combine attractive natural color and provide comfort for its users at the same time.


What are the advantages of OXYGEN CONTACT LENSES?


·        Clinically tested and approved.

·        High oxygen permeability (allows eyes to breathe).

·        High humidity and lower lens thickness.

·        Validity ranges from 3-6 months.

·        A clear vision.

·        Exceptional comfort.

·        Blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from transmitting to the cornea and eyes.

·        A wide selection of natural and comfortable colors.

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