What is the Story of Christina Applegate Disease?


What is the story of Christina Applegate disease?
What is the story of Christina Applegate disease?

Christina Applegate, 49-year-old actress, regarding how disease Christina Applegate is. Applegate announced that she has multiple sclerosis.


She arrived at the 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards on January 12, 2020, in Santa Monica, California. She described her diagnosis as "difficult".


The actress, known for her roles in Married...with Children and Dead to Me, said in a tweet on Monday that the doctor diagnosed her a few months ago. And she has the disease.


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Christina Applegate disease


Christina Applegate, who received awards, most notably an Emmy Award, announced that she has multiple sclerosis, describing her health condition as a "difficult road".


Applegate wrote explaining about her illness: "It's been a unique journey. But people helped me as I found out who had this disease too," the tweet read, "It's been a hard road. But the road continues." "I'm asking for privacy now, while I'm browsing this thing," she added in a subsequent tweet.


Multiple sclerosis


Multiple sclerosis affects the nervous system, often leads to poor health, body, and knowledge and gradually.


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More than 2.3 million people worldwide have the disease, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. "Nearly one million people over the age of 18 are living with MS in America."


Applegate Awards


Applegate won an Emmy in 2003 for her place as a guest on "Friends" and was nominated for a Tony Award for the musical "Sweet Charity".


It is worth mentioning about Christina Applegate disease illness that in 2008 she had breast cancer, then she had a mastectomy, also removing her ovaries and fallopian tubes.


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