"Pretty Woman" brown polka dot dress is the fashion of today

August 07, 2021 August 07, 2021
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Description: The "Pretty Woman" brown polka dot dress is the trend of women's fashion today. It's what people talk about in the fashion world
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"Pretty Woman" brown polka dot dress is the fashion of today
pretty woman brown polka

sorry. I can't help but cite such an iconic scene in "Pretty Woman", in which Vivienne Ward (Julia Roberts) has fashioned a modern Cinderella proportion. Still, it's not so much a magic fairy godmother, it's an unlimited credit card and Rodeo Drive boutique.


Although it is almost 30 years old (!!!), the style of this popular movie still resonates. Naturally, I was referring to Ward's dress selection during the women's show that night.


It can be said that the most iconic look of the more than 60 movie roles that Roberts has played in her long career is the polo costume she wore in "Pretty Woman". No bra, of course, because after all, this is the 90s.


The original costume was the work of award-winning costume designer Marilyn Vance. Her sleeveless boat-neck midi gown with a wide belt, white hat, gloves, and kitten heel is elegant and perfect. This year seems to have been influenced by fashion designers and buyers.


Retro-style brown dot patterns, from satin wrap dresses to sexy long-sleeved sundresses, have penetrated the streets and high-end shops.


Feeling nostalgic? Or just looking for a simple Halloween costume? In one of these numbers, "No one can look as good as you"-as Roy Orbison sings.


Why does everyone wear brown and white polka dots?


Polka dots have never been so popular. No, this is not just a vague and general statement from a fashion editor. This is a fact. According to data from the fashion search engine Lyst, the search volume for "polka dots" has never been higher, and has increased by 48% since July this year. This search shows what we see on the street, on store shelves, and of course on Instagram. Polka dots are everywhere, we are not enough.

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But this has nothing to do with the traditional black and white dots that came to mind first. No, it's about the brown-white dot print that suddenly bubbling, and it feels like a cooler cousin.


There is no more iconic print than Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman". You know this scene: a polo match, a smooth Julia stomping to make friends with a horse, wearing a tunic polka dot dress.


The cream-colored dots are set on the right brown background-not too blurry or too dark. It manages to be both classic and infinitely fresh and has inspired a series of different iterations this summer.


The reformed spaghetti band number may be the most popular (proof? It's almost sold out), but according to Lyst, it was Ganni's long satin polka dot dress that became the most searched cake.


At the Kit HQ, this style has become an obsession with tailors. Silk Laundry, Mango, and Rag & Bone are all valuable versions, but they do not fully capture Julia's perfection.


The best contender may be Zimmermann's custom high-necked number. Many influential people and celebrities like Sara Foster wear it. Unsurprisingly, it is the most expensive (oh, where are you, Edward Lewis, and your American Express?)


So, what about the brown and white polka dots? They feel more primitive than black, which is for sure but retains the classic status. Buying the look feels like a safe bet-this pattern is unlikely to become outdated as quickly as tie-dye.


In the final analysis, no matter how many brands improvise on this mode, they cannot break away from the image of Vivian Ward. Who doesn't want to guide the heroine's brave elegance and wit?

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The pretty woman brown polka dot dress is like a live-action version of Cinderella slippers, magically turning the wearer into a soigné, who often wears polo. No wonder it is difficult to maintain inventory.

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