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August 09, 2021 August 09, 2021
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Description: Many women suffer from hair loss, and many of them are looking for the causes of hair loss,the fashion world web offers you the solution.
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Causes of hair loss
Causes of hair loss


Many women suffer from hair loss, and many of them are looking for the causes of hair loss. Medical experts have said that hair loss may be due to women's health problems. Our article focuses on answering the following questions:


Did you know that hair loss causes health problems?


Are you afraid of brushing your hair for fear of losing your hair?


Do you know what are the main causes of hair loss?


How can we control the problem of hair loss that troubles many women?


Let us now move on to solving the puzzle of all the previous questions, which Dr. Jamil Dweik solved.


Causes of hair loss Women's health problems

There are many causes of hair loss, but we distinguish between two types, which are the most common:


First, the lack of iron, which leads to a comprehensive hair loss, i.e. all over the scalp. Hence, iron should be measured, not hemoglobin in the blood. If it is proven to be lacking, we advise compensating for it by either eating iron compounds or foods rich in


In the case of hair loss in the bald area, such as males (in women, of course), this is usually due to cysts on the ovaries, which contribute to an increase in the secretion of the male hormone “testosterone”.


This is accompanied by obesity in the stem (like men) with the appearance of unwanted hair, acne, and sometimes roughness in the voice, and the most important thing is a disturbance in the menstrual cycle and its regularity.


Did you know that there are natural herbs that help solve the mystery of the problem and causes of hair loss for women, studies have proven that they are useful in such cases?

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Herbs to treat hair loss for women

Rosemary, ginger, chamomile, lavender, and many other herbal extracts are preserved with natural green apple cider vinegar and virgin olive oil to get strong, shiny, and shiny hair.

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