Mouth odor and its impact on marital relationships

May 09, 2021 May 09, 2021
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Description: There are influences that negatively affect the intimate relationship, including bad breath, this article explains what is meant
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Mouth odor and its impact on marital relationships



Mouth odor and its impact on marital relationships

Aversion to kissing, intimate relationship, at first sight, disgust and coldness from relationships, and avoiding talking we did not like or even talking with the social surroundings and among co-workers, all of which may be the primary cause of bad breath that builds barriers and bridges and makes its owner socially, emotionally and practically rejected.


Regarding the effect of mouth odor between spouses, studies have confirmed that dental hygiene and fragrant mouth odor increase sexual desire in both men and women, because of their positive health effect during intimate intercourse ... What is the effect of mouth odor on the marital relationship?


 Afra Al-Awadi - married - thinks that the smell of the mouth reflects the extent of physical health and personal hygiene, and she says: "I cannot deal with a person who has bad breath. The unpleasant smell is repulsive. I avoid talking with its owner, so how if the husband is my life partner?" She says: "I read about divorce cases that took place on the ground in the courts, which resulted in bad breath, so I advise husbands and every person to pay attention to this matter, especially since its owner is usually ignorant of the nature of his breath, so he has to pay attention to cleaning his teeth and drink some herbs, including mint, after eating the food".


She shares this opinion with the life of Muhammad - married - and says that the smell of the mouth can be noticed by a person from the first meeting.


She points out that a good smell enhances self-confidence and increases the opportunity to form friendships. On the marital side, it is one of the most important elements that support love and that is possible for intimate relationships.



Emotional and sexual frigidity, leading to divorce, so the spouses must have a kind of boldness and frankness in expressing their criticisms and explaining the things that alienate them in the personality of each of them, which makes the marital life more smooth and harmonious.


Money does not forgive the smell!


Salwa Yaqoub - single - refused to associate with a person of high social standing because of the smell of his mouth, and says: "I met a young man through work, and he was of a distinguished social and economic status, and he was well-decorated until the young man offered me to get to know him and meet him and I was at her peak Happiness, but when I approached him, something prevented me from approaching him, which was the smell of his mouth.


Teeth aren't the only culprits


Dentist and cosmetic dentist, Dalia Bazarbashi, explains that the causes of bad breath may arise due to neglect in oral and dental health, in particular, so she recommends that you visit the dental clinic every 6 months to ensure the health and safety of the teeth.


Because of stomach bacteria or hepatitis, in addition to diabetes, and a lack of drinking water, which leads to dry mouth and lips, the odor may also result after the installation of dental bridges, the smile of celebrities, and gingivitis as well. "


Dr. Bazarbashi indicates that mouth odor affects social relationships, including the relationship between spouses in the first place, friends, and colleagues at work, and says that mouth odor affects the psychological state and mood and reduces a person's self-confidence.


Regarding a person's knowledge of the reality of his breath, Dr. Bazarbashi explains, "Every person can check the purity of his breath and the smell of his mouth, by placing the palm between the soles of the mouth and the nose, exhaling the breath and trying to inhale it, and check for the presence of a smell."



Precautionary advice


Dr. Bazarbashi advises that it is necessary to ensure daily oral health and to know the main cause of the smell, and if the cause is oral, then it is treated by the doctor and adherence to the cleanliness of the teeth, mouth, and tongue, and if the cause is from within the body, it is recommended to consult a specialist. It also recommends using gum and mouthwash, and regular dental check-ups every 6 months, and cleaning the gums from bacteria. She says that there are medications that help eliminate the bacteria that cause mouth odor easily.


Investigation: Rana Ibrahim


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