Tips to keep you beautiful

Tips to keep you beautiful

Tips to keep you beautiful

Tips to keep you beautiful, beauty is one of the qualities that all people
Beauty in women is more important than beauty in men

The beauty standards are too many and not just about the look or shape. It extends to beauty in the heart, in the spirit and in the good qualities.

Beauty standards vary from country to country, but not entirely, as beauty standards vary according to customs and traditions from country to country, where standards differ in Western countries from those in Arab and other countries.

In order to stay beautiful, you must follow several guidelines that will preserve and increase this beauty, where beauty is degrees, let's mention some tips for beauty, which can be useful in order to be a very bright and beautiful woman.

Tips for women's beauty.

1. Put green tea on the skin, where green tea excludes black halts around the eyes, reducing skin spasms.

2. If you want to remove lip red on the lips, we recommend the sweet almond oil that works on the lips pen color by putting a few on the cotton and RUB the lips with it.

3. Use Vaseline, where you can apply a small part of it to the eyebrows, and An eyebrows arrangement using the comb.

4. Washing the face with cold water, which contributes to closing the skin's pores, and therefore prevents dust and dust from hanging on the face, preferably using cold water more than once, "at least twice a day" .

5. You can also exfoliate the skin twice a week, removing the layers of dead skin, and it can be peeling with ground walnuts and yogurt.

6. We also offer advice to take care of your skin, put the sun visor on a daily basis before you get out of your house, because frequent exposure to sunlight causes wrinkles and dark spots to appear.

Other tips for women's beauty

1.drink water intensively, specifically eight cups, this keeps your body wet and prevents dryness.

2.the good food for the body is healthy food, which includes vegetables and fruits filled with metal elements necessary for the body, fibers, and proteins.

3. Avoid high-sugar meals to maintain good insulin in the body, and avoid hot and frying food.