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How to choose the right clothes for you during pregnancy


fashion world cloth: How to choose the right clothes for you during pregnancy
How to choose the right clothes for you during pregnancy

are you pregnant? Congratulations. you have started a beautiful and exciting experience in your life, even if it is a bit stressful, may God complete it for you with full health for you and your unborn child. From the beginning of pregnancy, the pregnant woman begins to search for some comfortable clothes even before her stomach grow.


At first, she looks for some comfortable underwear, especially bras; Because it will suffer from excessive sensitivity to it, then you will need, in turn, comfortable wide clothes suitable for the size of the abdomen and suitable for the atmosphere.


The confusion begins in choosing comfortable and elegant clothes together, which gives her confidence in her appearance and elegance. In this article, the Fashion World Web presents the best criteria for choosing clothes during pregnancy and how to choose them.


how do you choose the right underwear during pregnancy?


1-     Bra during pregnancy



The size of the breast increases and its sensitivity increases during pregnancy until it becomes the largest in the last trimester of pregnancy in preparation for childbirth and breastfeeding. At the beginning of pregnancy, you will first notice the sensitivity of the breast, and that it has become somewhat prominent, and you will need a larger bra or two.


Choose a maternity bra, as it will be softer and more comfortable. It is enough to buy three bras at one time; Because you will need to buy another every two or three months, depending on the increase in breast size. Choose from brands that can be added to, for example, so that you do not have to buy one every month if the increase in breast size is rapid. Choose cotton types to be soft on your skin and healthy for it, as it absorbs sweat and does not cause infections.


2- Lower underwear


If this is your first pregnancy, you may still be a new bride accustomed to wearing lingerie and you can already use it at first as long as the size of the belly allows you to do so, but do not wear it all day because it is made of raw materials and synthetic fibers that may cause some infections, especially that Pregnant women's skin is very sensitive.


Choose the wide ones, so as not to put pressure on you, especially in the thigh and abdomen joints. You can choose the types of bikini with a low waist so that it does not compress the abdomen, or a high one to cover the abdomen ... But there must be nothing that presses the abdomen. Choose cotton types because cotton, with its softness and ability to absorb sweat and moisture, is best for the skin in general, especially during pregnancy.


home clothes


1- Pajamas or nightgowns, choose soft cotton types and be larger than your size to be spacious and comfortable.


2- Pants, T-shirts, and dresses Choose home clothes in the same way we explained how to choose the right pants and T-shirts.


Finally, you should choose comfortable shoes and you should say no to high-heeled shoes as well as ballerinas, because both types may cause you to pain in the feet and back. It is preferable to choose sports shoes for casual wear and classic shoes with low heels for classic clothes.