For women: Important information about wearing and wearing off underwear

January 14, 2021 January 14, 2021
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For women: Important information about wearing and wearing off underwear


The demand for not wearing underwear has increased in Western societies, according to the British magazine The List.

Women prefer not to wear underwear, either because this gives them greater comfort, or because they are aware of the benefits of dispensing with these clothes, or simply because they do not want the underpants to appear on outer clothing.

In any case, it cannot be said that wearing underwear is harmful, just as it is difficult to claim that it is better for health to give up, so that this matter remains due to the personal preference of each woman.

In general, wearing women's underwear has its pros and cons, it is a double-edged sword, and we have seen in the fashion world web it is good to review some important information about wearing women's underwear for women.


Benefits of giving up wearing underwear for women


Says gynecologist d. Lisa Masterson - one of the physicians participating in The Doctors program - said that the vaginal area is "more vibrant and healthy when it has a chance to breathe". When not wearing women's underwear.

In terms of health, not wearing women's underwear may give you many benefits, such as reducing the risk of urinary tract infection or vaginal candidiasis, especially for those who suffer from frequent bouts of vaginal infections.

It is no secret to many women the inconvenience and distress caused by such infections, as they cause a lot of itching in the sensitive area, and give a constant feeling of discomfort.

Underpants can trap a lot of moisture, which creates an ideal environment for the vaginal fungi that cause vaginal candidiasis to thrive. This may happen in particular while sleeping, or in the gym, especially if you wear underpants made of materials that do not allow the skin to breathe. Learn more about women's underwear


Not to wear underwear while sleeping


Not wearing women's underwear during the day may be difficult for you, especially if you wear jeans permanently - which makes it impossible to dispense with underwear - why not try without these clothes at night while sleeping, giving the vaginal area a chance to breathe?

According to the obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Alice Kelly Jones, Your vagina needs to breathe air sometimes, just like any other part of your body. And it may be beneficial to do without wearing women's underwear at night, especially for women who are at greater risk of vaginal infection. Allowing some air to pass into the vaginal area helps keep this area dry, clean, and free of moisture, which may aid the growth of fungi.


Stopping wearing underwear reduces itching and irritation


If the underpants are too tight, it can cause irritation and itching in the vaginal area, as a result of the friction between the fabric and the skin. This itch usually occurs when you wear panties made of synthetic fabrics, as these fabrics rub against the skin and labia, causing irritation that may expose you to light bleeding as well.

The likelihood of itching and infection increases during menopause, as older women have thinner skin in the intimate area, and therefore they are more prone to irritation and itching.

Whether you feel disgust at the idea of ​​not wearing underpants or are in favor of it, stopping wearing pants entirely, or at least occasionally - especially while sleeping - may not be a bad idea if you experience irritation or itching in that area.


Reducing the risk of allergic reactions


Sometimes you may experience allergic reactions due to pants or dyes, and the chemicals and preservatives in them, including latex, which are often used to make waist belts. Washing powder can also cause an allergic reaction. To get rid of this problem, you can choose cotton underpants that are completely latex-free, or you may want to give up wearing underwear permanently to avoid allergic reactions.


Less vaginal discharge


We all hate vaginal secretions, which are a collection of bacteria, vaginal skin cells, mucus, and fluid from the cervix and vagina, but the good news is that stopping wearing women's underwear may contribute to reducing these secretions.

Failure to wear women's underwear may prevent adequate ventilation in the sensitive area, especially if it is not cotton pants, which leads to more secretions.


Cautions you must be aware of when you stop wearing underwear


It is true that not wearing women's underwear helps prevent friction and irritation in the vaginal area, but you cannot do without underwear when you wear certain outerwear.

If you are wearing something comfortable and covert, not wearing pants is a good thing to allow your sensitive area to breathe.

But if you wear tight outerwear such as jeans and do not wear underpants, then you may expose the sensitive area to more irritation. A tough fabric can rub the vulva and exert pressure on it, especially in the absence of the added barrier of underpants to protect you.

The irritation may come in the form of redness and itching, which are similar symptoms to a vaginal infection, but in reality it is just an infection.


Not to wear underpants during exercise


If you choose to stop wearing underpants every day, then you should know that going without underpants to the gym or jogging in the morning is completely safe, but you may notice a smell coming out from the intimate area faster than before.

Sweating allows skin bacteria in the areas covered by hair, including the genitals, to cause body odor faster. And if you don't wear underpants, there will be no barrier between your body and the trackpants, and instead of the underpants absorbing sweat it will go directly to your trackpants, making you notice the smell of sweat faster.


Make sure to take off the wet clothes immediately after exercising


The fungi and bacteria thrive in moist, dark, and warm areas such as the genitals that are confined in tights that do not allow air to circulate during and after exercise.

Whether you are wearing underpants or not, make sure to change your sports pants immediately after practicing any kind of exercise.


The chances of infection vaginal wounds


If you stop wearing underwear every day during exercise, you may increase your risk of developing vaginal wounds. These wounds usually occur if you exercise repeatedly, wearing ill-fitting clothing and without underpants.

So, just as it is with your everyday clothes, it is important that you wear comfortable exercise pants that allow air to circulate through them during exercise.


Exposure to infection with bacteria in public places


If you decide to dispense with wearing women's underwear during the day, you may increase the chances of external bacteria coming into contact with your skin in the sensitive area, especially if you are wearing a skirt or dress.

So taking a daily shower is a great way to keep your sensitive area clean, especially if you spend the whole day outside without underpants.


Wear underwear or not as you


wish Whether or not you wear underwear under your clothes when playing sports, cycling or other work, this is up to you, but it is preferable to wear women's underwear here as a kind of cover for your body.

You should know that bacteria and fungi prefer to live in a moist and warm environment. Therefore, wearing women's underwear will be a good way to protect your body from these parasites during exercise or any work because they absorb sweat and prevent moisture and thus protect you from these harmful parasites.


Some types of underwear can be harmful


There are some underwear sets that are belted and narrow and this type of them is very harmful because the walking interacts with your body and causes allergies, and very narrow clothes cause problems and infections in the urinary tract and bacterial vaginal infections, and one of the doctors indicates that these narrow belts for underwear act like a wick To draw bacteria in areas of contact with the skin.


Stay away from clothes made of satin and lace


Because they cause skin irritation, and a specialist in the care and beauty of women and her skin says that the best type of fabric that can be used in underwear is cotton, and new types of underwear are now manufactured from fibers as they help to keep the body dry without sweating and of course it will prevent parasites From being on your body and these types of underwear are very useful when running for long distances and a lot of movement.


Underwear monthly menstruation time


Do not go quickly to wearing women's underwear that is too long and has an exaggerated size, and also do not wear a white skirt for tennis, in order to reduce the rapid flow of blood, you can use sanitary pads as they help you reduce the flow and also help you move easily.

And you have to take great care of personal hygiene at this time and make sure to take a daily bath with warm water and sanitary soap.

So underwear is a double-edged sword, and it is necessary at times and is not necessary, but it is useful not to wear it at other times.

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