Sports shoes, accessories, and the mask What's New?

July 19, 2020 July 28, 2020
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Sports shoes, accessories, and the mask What's New?


Sports shoes, accessories, and the mask What's New?

The world of fashion is a source of inspiration for many women, especially girls, as the girl loves to dress new because she thinks becomes more beautiful with her friends as well as the woman with her husband.

Here in this article, we will look at the new in the world of fashion and by intermittent paragraphs, and because this world is already wide, we will narrow the circle in shoes, sports, and accessories. And coordination with the appropriate dresses, jeans, and bags.

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The sneaker for a comfortable and elegant summer look

white sneaker

Sandals may steal the spotlight when it comes to shoes that are suitable for warm weather, especially with high heels and updated designs that dominate the fashion scene now.

But aside from the shouts of the shoe, there is one summer shoe that fits everything and is so comfortable and best of all, it might actually be in your closet.

It is a white sneaker. This may not be the latest choice, but with much white sportswear that you can easily coordinate, a pair of bright new Sneakers is the foundation of the wardrobe that you can wear throughout the season.

White sneakers are not considered boring, in fact, they come in a wide range of great designs, you can choose versions made of classic or luxurious fabric or something sporty or maybe a pair of sneakers in velvet or chunky shoes.

Added to this is the fact that sneakers can be coordinated in a number of unique ways. The simple white types make you feel elegant and comfortable when paired with a short dress or your favorite jeans and skirts.

For a modern ambiance, play in unexpected layouts, like old-fashioned sneakers from Sheer Organza Dress or Stylish Jacquard Dress or white leather tennis shoes with a glamorous satin dress or elegant tweed skirt suit.

To start planning for coordinating sneakers, here are some ideas inspired by the influencers of coordinating white sneakers to put them in the center of your summer wardrobe.

White sneakers with full jeans view

sneakers and jeans

Jeans add a classic flair, while full blue looks very refreshing with summer sneakers.


White sneakers with an 80s-inspired dress

A pair of casual leather sneakers can help balance the image of designs inspired by the 1980s if your shoulders bigs.


Sports shoes with a floral print dress

The summer dress in floral print is the key to elegance, if you are on a summer vacation, it will work day or night and will be suitable for warm weather, instead of sandals or flat ballet shoes, which may not stand for several days of heavy walking, choose white sneakers to keep your feet comfortable And your appearance is elegant.


Sports shoes with a shorts suit

Successfully wearing shorts and sneakers in the office is every woman's dream as soon as the summer heat enters, keep the shorts look practical with classic and simple sneakers and they should be good.


Face mask accessories invade Instagram and fashion experts support them

Face mask

Because face masks made of the fabric have become part of the “new normal”, dozens of retailers have provided them in a variety of prints, sizes, and designs to encourage us to wear them, there are Disney-inspired masks for children and other special occasions and colorful masks and decorated with different patterns.

Since these "muzzle" masks are necessary daily especially with Covid-19, they become an essential piece of fashion like your favorite pair of sandals, with this in mind, it makes sense that the latest Instagram fashions outfits are face mask accessories.

It seems that accessories and face masks chains are most popular in this direction but they are made to be more than just a fashion, as chains of face masks are currently the best-selling.

"I support any accessory that makes the mask more comfortable or attractive to wear," said Daniel Morgan, Professor of Epidemiology, Public Health and Infectious Diseases at the University of Mary land School of Medicine. "It will encourage people to wear their masks for longer periods of time and help prevent the spread of infection."

However, Morgan says that the chain or any accessory used must not modify or alter the function of the muzzle, while light chains and decorative overlays are suitable for use as an accessory, it is important that you consider the actual purpose of the mask and explain: "To obtain any benefit, the masks require material To act as a filter, such as that the cloth should completely cover the nose and mouth. "

Ways to wear and coordinate shoes with bags

bag wear

Shoes and bags are essential to every woman’s wardrobe. We women feel very happy and our psychological state improves a lot when we leave our homes and wear good clothes coordinated with a bag and shoes of distinctive color. But despite this, it is not so easy. Let me tell you that the question girls always ask is how to coordinate the bag with the shoe. Here are innovative ways to coordinate.

1- Choose the shoe color bag

Yes, it is a classic method but it is really very successful. Simply wearing shoes in the same bag color will give you an elegant look in no time. Rather, it gives you a special and unique type of princess-like elegance.

2- Choose shoes and bags in different shades of the same color

There is no need for the bag to be dark blue and the shoe to be exactly the same. You can even choose one of the shades of the same family. This will give your look a certain amount of charm and radiance.

3- The color wheel to coordinate bags with shoes

Do you know that in the color wheel, each color corresponds to the other means that it is in line with it, but rather makes it more beautiful ?! Well, all you have to do now is choose the color and coordinate it with the other one corresponding to it.

4- Monochrome colors are the joker in coordinating shoes and bags

Do you have shoes in a certain color and confused about which bag to match? Well, choose it in any neutral color. Be it white, black, beige. It is a great trick and matches with different colors.

5- Simple shoes with decorative and reverse bags

Do you wear a bag studded with lobes or printed with lots of patterns?!  So choose a very simple shoe. Like sandals, belts, for example. This will make you look calm and not exaggerated.

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