How to cut hair at home?

learn to cut hair at home
for women: how to cut hair at home

Tired of waiting for a long time at the beauty salon and getting a haircut? Do you want to cut your hair or your child's hair at home to save effort and money? Or did you want to become a professional hairdresser?


Women, by nature, love the attention to their beauty and elegance and love to constantly renew their appearance according to the latest fashion trends that most celebrities follow.

We find that she is interested in the hairstyle of one of the stars, and another draws her to another star’s haircut, which forces her to go to the beauty salon to get the look that resembles this artist or That is, but most of the time she regrets going to the salon because of the crowd and the long wait until her turn comes, and not only that, she may not like the hair cut by a hairdresser, and it would be better if her hair was cut with a completely different story to the one she dreamed of, so she wasted Her money, time, and effort. However, every problem has a solution! Where you can now, madam, enter the Internet and see the methods of cutting the hair of various types, and apply them at home on your own and without the help of any of the beauty experts.

Here in our article, you will be the beautician who will master the hair cutting, whether you want to cut the ends of your hair or bangs, and you can cut a new hairstyle if your hair is long or short. Here are the full details of how to cut hair at home for you and your family.


How do you choose a suitable haircut for your face?


Before you start applying the method of hair cutting at home, you must first take into account the hairstyles that suit your face, as this problem is faced by many women, as they resort to a haircut that may be new and the latest fashion and you find it impressive on an artist, but it is not necessarily It suits the shape of your face, and you may be surprised after the haircut that this look is very bad for you, even though it is very beautiful for others. Therefore, beauty and hair care experts have explained what suits every woman's hairstyle according to her face. Below we review the face shapes and the appropriate haircut, you can choose the best among them according to the rotation of your face: The face is oval


The woman with an oval face is free to choose from among many hairstyles. Beauty experts consider that the oval shape is easy to deal with when cutting hair, and whatever method of cutting hair is short or long, it is suitable for women with an oval face, taking into account the distance as possible from cutting the bangs or leaving Tufts of short hair so as not to hide the features of the face.


The face is round in shape


The round face is characterized by being circular, and beauticians with a round face usually advise cutting back and short hair, so that the length of the hair becomes at the level of the chin, taking into account that the hair is on one side, and you can cut the hair to a medium length by gradually grading the hair at the beginning From the neck, it is advised to stay away from cutting the bangs and parting the hair from the middle.


The face is rectangular


Women with rectangular faces are distinguished by prominent cheekbones and the length of their chin. Therefore, beauticians advise women with a rectangular face to cut medium or short hair and stay away from long hair, with the possibility of cutting the bangs and making short gradations from the front.


square-shaped face


A square face is characterized by the width of the forehead. Therefore, beauticians with a square face may advise cutting the hair of medium or short length in the form of wavy gradients so that the hair shafts surround the sides to give an oval appearance. Experts advise not to approach short hairstyles to the point of the chin and take into account that the length of the hair is loose.


heart shape


Some faces are heart-shaped, characterized by a wide forehead and a thin chin, and beauticians with a heart-shaped face usually advise that they cut their hair of medium length or choose a long haircut, provided that the hair is gradual and the bangs are side and graduated.


diamond shape


The shape of the forehead here is thin and the chin is wide, unlike the heart-shaped face. In this case, it is recommended to cut short and messy graduated hair, taking into account the placement of hair behind the ear to give a broad appearance to the forehead.


 Haircutting tips at home


There are many ways to cut hair at home, devised by experts to help women beautify their hair at home to avoid the crowding and high cost of beauty salons and to ensure a correct and proper haircut.


For beautiful hair: Many women think that the hair should be wet before cutting it, but this method is incorrect. If you want to cut your hair yourself, the hair should be clean and dry, as wet hair appears to be longer and maybe cut too much in this case. Sharp hair cutting scissors must be used for the cutting process to succeed. Comb your hair before cutting it with a round brush, so you know the length you want to cut, especially the bangs. Tie the hair you don't want to cut back so you can focus more on cutting what you want. Do not cut the hair at once so as not to damage the haircut.


How to cut hair at home


Here is more than one way to cut hair at home with different types of hairstyles such as cutting the ends, bangs, layered hair, care.


Cut the ends of the hair


Cutting the ends of the hair from time to time helps to get rid of damaged and brittle hair, and to improve the appearance of the hair and give it a healthy and tidy appearance, follow the following steps to cut the ends of your hair yourself: To cut the ends of the hair, tie the unwanted hair to the back. Comb your hair well to get rid of any tangles and knots. If you have bangs, brush them with a round brush to see how long you want to cut them. Bend your head forward and brush your hair downwards. Tie the ends of your hair with a hair tie or hold it with your hand. Cut the ends of your hair in a straight line. Return your head to its normal position. Then comb each side of your hair separately and look in the mirror to make sure that both sides are equal.


Another way


Cut your hair horizontally, with the scissors perpendicular to the hair.

Cut half an inch of your hair strands, and if the hair is more brittle, trim the ends to a length of more than half an inch.


French curry haircut


Divide the hair into three parts so that it is divided into two parts from the upper side and one from the lower side. Tie the two upperparts with a hair tie in the form of a bun. Cut the bottom to the length you would like for the curry cut. Lift the cut section about 90 inches up to trim the hair so that it is even. Undo the upper part from the right and cut the hair in the same way as before so that it is equal with the lower part. Undo the remaining part and cut it in the same way, taking into account a, the hair is taut while holding it to ensure that the cut is obtained perfectly. In the last step, cut the bangs so that they are above the eyebrows.


Layered curry hair cut


Section the hair as in the previous steps and cut the back hair to reach the beginning of the shoulder. Cut the right section of hair the same length as the short black hair. Cut the left part in a gradual way, where the ends of the hair are pulled, then cut the ends near the back in the form of a gradient. Leave the front strands of hair long, so you'll have a tiered Carrey haircut.


Long runway hair cut


Wet hair with water spray. Comb your hair well with the brush until it becomes loose. Divide the hair into four parts. Roll the front of the hair into a cylindrical shape, then cut the section to the length that suits you. Take a strand from the front of the head and comb it vertically, then cut it at a 90-degree angle. Move the hair strands and cut them according to the previous method. Comb the hair completely and then cut it in a V-shape or a round shape.


Haircutting for children at home


Many children refuse to go to the beauty salon and continue to cry continuously throughout the hair cutting period, and mothers have found a solution to this crisis by searching in Internet sites about how to cut hair for children at home, and from this standpoint, we offer the best way to cut hair for girls and boys through the steps next:


Hair cut for girls


Divide the hair into two parts in the middle. A sharp-toothed hair comb is used to separate the hair from the ear side and then secure it with a hair clip. Grab a small strand of hair with your hands and cut it to your desired length. Repeat the cut in all hair strands until the hair becomes equal in length.




 Beauty and hair care experts advise that hair be cut from time to time to get healthy and strong hair, as hair cutting reduces the occurrence of breakage and damage, and also strengthens hair follicles that reduce its loss, and hair cutting plays a major role in increasing its density as it helps it grow faster and in a healthy way. Do not hesitate, dear reader, to cut your hair from time to time to renew and protect hair from damage, whether for you or your children.