Ways to care for black hair for women

May 02, 2021 September 05, 2021
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Description: Black hair care is an essential task in the daily routine, and it has its own distinctive properties. This is a guide for women to take care of B.hair
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Ways to care for black hair for women
Ways to care for black hair for women

Black hair care is an essential task in the daily routine, and it has its characteristics. If you find the ends of your hair split, have difficulty growing hair, or even do not get the necessary shine. It means that you are not good at dealing with your hair.

Lea Akiki wrote on Madam’s website The Most Important Ways to Care for Black Hair, and here are the details

Preparations suitable for black hair:


There are many hair products on the market, but most of them are not suitable for black hair. They often contain ingredients that prevent black hair from breathing, such as petroleum, or are too heavy for your hair to hold. So, before purchasing any product, look at the ingredient label. If oil or Vaseline was one of the first products on the list, you should set it aside and look for another product.

As for washing hair, make sure to use a gentle shampoo, and avoid any substance that contains sodium, which gives the shampoo a lot of foam, making it ideal for removing natural oils, and this is not suitable for black hair.


Risks of dying black hair platinum:


If you have black hair, it is very difficult to dye it blonde, especially platinum. Because hair does not bear this intense luster, without being damaged and sometimes burned. So when you risk adopting this dye, you have to ensure the necessary care for your hair at least twice a week, by adopting special masks to stabilize the color, and nourishing oils to prevent breakage and split ends. But if you do not have time to carefully care for your hair, we recommend that you stay away from these lighter shades when dyeing hair.


How to remove hair stickers:


If you use hair stickers to thicken and lengthen your hair, make sure to remove them properly, especially if you have black hair, which is quickly affected by chemicals. Therefore, we recommend that you remove the strands with natural materials, such as vinegar and coconut milk.


Hair Style:


Black hair dries out quickly, so make sure to stay away from straighteners and hair dryers daily. We recommend trying gentler methods of curling your hair and adding volume to it, such as wrapping it at night using satin-coated rollers. But if you do want to straighten your hair, make sure to always apply a heat protectant, as a barrier between the hot iron and your hair.

Be careful not to always pull your hair, this does not mean that you cannot adopt a ponytail, but we recommend that you lighten it before bed, and not apply this hairstyle daily.


Detangle black hair:


Often women with black hair are exposed to the problem of hair entanglement, but the method of detangling it should be smooth and not harm the hair. Before using a wide-toothed comb, make sure you apply the conditioner intensely, then try to loosen the tangles with your fingers.

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