What is the appropriate dress for your height, weight, and skin color?

What is the appropriate dress for your height, weight and skin color?


What is the appropriate dress for your height, weight, and skin color?

Women seek to keep up with fashion, and show great interest in the process of choosing the most appropriate dress for them, as very thin seeks to appear a little fatter, and those with light skin want to choose what shows the beauty of their skin and so on.


Choosing the appropriate dress for women must take into account the consistency of colors and suitability to her personality and physical characteristics. In an interview with "Arabi 21", fashion designer Ayat Al-Zoubi shed light on what suits a woman of clothing, whether she is thin, fat, or with light or dark skin.


The skinny lady


The designer Al-Zoubi indicated that the skinny woman has to adhere to the following when choosing her dress:


Choose clothes with a casual cut


Pick lighter colors that reflect light


Wearing a "T-shirt" or dress with stripes drawn on it to indicate an increase in body width


Wear clothes with large decorations


Accessories are medium in size and not exaggerated


Focus on tall, slim shoes if she suffers from excessive stature and thinness


Focus on dresses or skirts with a flared and pleated cut


Stay away from very narrow cuts because they increase the appearance of their thinness


The chubby lady


The fashion designer Al-Zoubi advised the obese and chubby lady to follow the following tips when choosing her dress:


Clothes with long cuts


Trying to stay away from light colors, and resorting to dark ones that absorb light, giving the feeling of a decrease in volume, and choosing designs that have thin longitudinal lines


Choose small, soft decorations that give a calm look


Trying to choose a piece of one color and not dividing the body into several colors


The quiet, one-stone accessory


Stay away from shiny and shiny fabrics


Stay away from designs that contain raised and raised roses that increase a feeling of fullness


Take into account that the piece of clothing is straight and without pleats, skirts, or goodies


Resorting to soft, silky fabrics and soft chiffon


Stay away from baggy sleeves and cuffs


Fair skin


Ayat pointed out that light skin is suitable for all colors, but the darker the colors show the beauty of her skin more, and she said: “A light-skinned woman should follow these steps when buying a dress for her:


Buy clothes of pink, violet, and indigo colors, and if the skin color is yellowish, it must stay away from faded colors, especially beige, off-white, and yellow.


Dark complexion


The verses advised the dark-skinned lady to always resort to light neutral colors that give her a pleasant look and to increase the light earthy colors that merge with the skin.


And she cautioned that the dark-skinned woman should stay away from choosing the following clothing colors, violet and indigo because they are dangerous colors on dark skin.


Homogenize the dress with the seasons


Fashion designer Ayat Al-Zoubi added that "the harmonization of dress with the seasons at present, with the availability of heating and air conditioners everywhere, is no longer a burden on the woman."


She added, "But the bright light colors of spring and summer remain to give a feeling of coolness, and the dark color of winter and autumn remains to absorb as much heat and warmth as possible and give a feeling of being."