The most important ways to wear white with dark colors to suit cold weather

The most important ways to wear white with dark colors to suit cold weather


Asra Mohammed wrote on the website Arab post about the most important ways to wear white with dark colors to suit cold weather.

We in the fashion world web have seen that it is nice to display these the most important ways to wear white with dark colors.

White may be the first color that women avoid wearing during the winter, it is the season of dark colors!

It may be because of the monotonous nature of the season and the usually cloudy and rainy faces or that "white makes you look more chunky with those kilos you might gain during the winter". So most women, dark colors such as black, brown, and silver.

But in fact white suits you at any time like the rest of the colors, but what is important is how you wear it and coordinate it with the rest of the colors and pieces. Very easy to make this color suitable all year, especially once you add some basic pieces to your wardrobe.

So, let's offer you some tips on how to wear white in the fall and winter, when temperatures drop really how to incorporate this Color in any season or occasion virtually.


Top 7 ways to wear white with dark colors to suit cold weather


Use different gradients


It is not important that the white pieces fit perfectly and that they are all the same in color, just manipulate what you already have in your closet.

The more layers you get, the nicer they look, so try everything you have and then decide what looks nicer. For example, you can wear a bright white shirt with wide, loose, creamy pants and a clean pair of white sneakers (from fairy season) . Or try a white suit (from shein) with matching socks if you have a meeting.

Create a balance between colors

If the idea of wearing white alone is daunting for you or you can't do it, try it along with other seasonal colors. It Will appears under colors such as beige or silver beautifully when paired with white, so you'll get a wonderful balance between the colors. Dark clothes are also suitable for cold weather.

Designer mega Schiff man advises adding autumnal colors such as brown, dark red, and dark green that make white less bright and therefore more suitable for those who do not prefer to appear alone. To combine light and dark color, try a pair of white trousers with a dark rounded waist and dark shoes for a stylish and simple look and you can wear a cream blouse and a dark suit. This method is one of the most important ways to wear white with dark colors .


Try the long dress


A simple white dress is sure to be a staple of spring and summer, but keeping it to wear on one of the autumn days can also be a great idea. For example, you can pair a white dress with sandals or gym shoes.

Dresses made of heavy and slightly thick fabrics are the perfect way to step into the cold weather without completely saying goodbye to your summer style.


Add the white-collar


The high white turtleneck blouse is really the unknown hero of winter wardrobes everywhere. Just like a white shirt (Example: Solid Rolled Short Sleeve Tee from shein) during the summer months, a turtleneck is the perfect layered piece that can be worn under anything and everything. They look especially good under a lightweight blouse in autumn and with thick sweaters or blouses in winter.


Don't forget about shoes and accessories


Trendy white accessories or shoes are perfect for updating the outfit you've worn hundreds of times before.

Try to combine white in unexpected ways, for example, try a white headband, white belt or white loafers. These are all safe and stylish ways to continue color fusion in autumn and winter.


Try white printed clothes


Playing with patterns is a fun way to safely experience wearing light colors. Cow, zebra or snake pattern printed fabrics are all over the market now and there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you want to keep your look more classic, look for thin lines or dotted. If you want office clothes, try a printed skirt with a simple shirt or a plain blouse, keeping the balance between colors.


The texture is also important


Your choice of texture and type of fabric can make the basic garment look more refined and elegant. Appearance White fully very refreshing and beautiful, but to make the appearance more elegant, try wearing a pair of white jeans (Try shein)  coupled with a shirt or blouse chunky or rose cardigan thick for added elegance.

Thus we may have reviewed the most important ways to wear white with dark colors to suit cold winter weather.