Favorite women's clothing for men ever


Favorite women's clothing for men ever


Favorite women's clothing for men ever

Women naturally love to take care of themselves and wear the most beautiful clothes, and this matter increases after marriage, as she always wants to be tempting to her husband, and beautiful in his eyes, and we all love to wear comfortable clothes at home, especially if we spend a long time outside of it at work or anywhere The last one who wears clothes that may cause us distress, but there remains the question, are the clothes that you wear at home satisfy and excite your husband? Learn with us in this article about the best clothes that the husband likes at home, especially when sleeping.


The best outfit that the husband likes at home


Comfortable cotton pajamas are not the only type of clothing intended for the home, other options are more exciting, of course, I do not mind wearing them, but my type between them and the other types of clothes that we will mention later, here are the favorite clothes for many men according to some statistics:


 Tight clothes:


 The first answer for most men was that they like to see women in tight clothes, especially from the places of charms on a woman’s body such as the breasts and the back, as the man wants to see the details of your body, even over the clothes, so make sure to buy some pajamas or tight cotton shirts.




 Jumpsuits are one of the options preferred by many men, jumpsuits show your waist, and make the butt more pronounced.


Mini skirts:


Men love miniskirts, especially when you wear soft and attractive underpants.


Husband's shirt:


The man loves the shape of a woman in his clothes, and he makes him see this as a star in a Hollywood movie. Wear one of your husband's T-shirts, along with cotton underwear.


Clothes open back:


Whether it is a dress, shirt, or a soft blouse, the man loves everything that reveals your back, and the more the back opening, the more excited your husband will be.



Some men like fit jeans, jeans can be an uncomfortable option at home, but you don't mind if your husband prefers you to wear them from time to time.


Exposed shoulder clothing:

Many men love clothes that expose your neck, shoulder, and part of your chest, and are very tempting to them.


Clothes without bras:


 Many men prefer that women wear clothes at home without bras, and this makes them feel excited and passionate.


Narrow black dress:


 Many men love the traditional appearance of women in a narrow and short black dress. It is okay to buy a distinctive black dress, even if you will not wear it outside.