4 types of clothes a sexy woman wears that a man can't resist


4 types of clothes a sexy woman wears that a man can't resist


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Clothes are an essential part of one's identity, and how we choose to dress affects the way we interact with the surrounding environment.

The term power dressing appeared in the 1970s; To denote clothing denoting women's power in usually male-dominated settings.


And this concept has evolved over the years, to highlight today, not only the female form at its height. Rather, it is also to give fashion a major role in this natural and authentic authority achieved by women.


However, it is not just fashion that legitimizes this natural authority, clothing is an essential part of an individual's identity, and how we choose to dress affects the way we interact with the surrounding environment, according to the University of California, Berkeley.


And in this topic published by the Argentine Infobae site, we highlight the most flattering clothes for men.


1- V-shaped chest opening


This elegant and stunning design draws attention and focuses on the most beautiful areas of femininity, and we find it in clothes made of fabrics, daily shirts, and nightwear, and the use of transparent fabrics gives a more bold and attractive look.


2- The short black dress


Since Coco Chanel designed this type of costume in the 1920s, no competitor has appeared more subtle and simple than the short black dress.


With this dress in your wardrobe with different designs, from the most luxurious like Chanel to simple fashions like H&M, you can wear a delicate and attractive outfit on various occasions and at different times of the day.


3. Showed the waist


Men are attracted to women who dress simply without complications. According to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, visible buttocks, and an hourglass-shaped body attract men's gazes.

High-waisted jeans, anthropomorphic or mermaid dresses, straight skirts, and other designs that accentuate the waist are most favored by men.


4. Red lips


Not clothing, of course, but one of the most important factors of beauty. For decades and decades, the lips' position has been at the top of the female attractiveness list.


According to the University of Manchester, it takes men about 7.3 seconds to look at the women choosing red lips, 6.7 seconds to the pink ones, and 2.2 seconds to the normal lips.


Here are some of the actions that increase the excitement of a man, and he likes to be done by a woman:


1- When you get along with your lover's friends


“A girl who does not mind hanging out” is one of the man’s priorities in his relationship with the opposite sex. The thing that makes a man feel most confident in the relationship is knowing that he can leave you at a party or a gathering of friends for a little while, making sure that you will stand up and adapt to his friends and companions, without any social support The man does not need a human handcuff, he wants to go home in 15 minutes.


2- When you touch it


A man loves to touch you, especially when you indicate protection, men love to know that you feel safe and protected with them, and a way to touch him physically helps him to properly understand that fact, whether you hold his arm and surround his muscles, or patting his shoulder for no reason, or resting your head down His arm before bed.


All of these things reinforce the idea that the man-made you feel safe and secure, and this feeling is so valuable as gold.


3- When you make him feel useful


Can't you hold something? Couldn't you open a stubborn jar of pickle? Then ask your boyfriend to do this!


Everyone loves to feel useful even in the most trivial way, and men tend to love to use force as a way to be useful, and this is not because you are weak; It's because men are strong, or at least they like to be said about them.


4- When you wear men's clothes


Wearing bulky men's clothing is great; She dramatically bends the woman's shoulders and reaches her knees a few inches.


It's very attractive. The decision to wear these clothes reinforces the idea that you love or at least care about your partner.


The fact that you prefer to wear your lover's clothes over your clothes is wonderful as if it were a contract signed with your love. Well, that might be a childish exaggeration, but you get the point.

Source: arabicpost.net