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Vanilla color is the top spot in women's fashion for 2021


Vanilla color is the top spot in women's fashion for 2021


Vanilla color is the top spot in women's fashion for 2021

The color of vanilla, on the throne of fashion colors in women's fashion, 2021, to give women a stylish and classy look, in the new year, the French magazine "Elle" revealed, that the color of vanilla gives a distinctive look when combined with luxury materials such as silk, leather, and cashmere, pointing out that it decorates bags, shoes and various clothing pieces such as blazers, pants, skirts, dresses and blouses, this season.


The magazine added that the color of vanilla is in harmony with black, white, and beige, but those who want a brighter look can choose a full vanilla look, according to the UAE's al-Ain website.


In a related context, most fashion weeks have gone on to present their shows by default due to the domestic isolation that has forced the spread of the coronavirus to the entire world, and it seems that the upcoming New York Fashion Week 2021 will also be as hypothetical as others, except for the socially spaced live performances of Jason and Rebecca Minkoff, according to wwd.


After Ukraine Fashion Week ended a few days ago, New York Fashion Week will be held by default for the second time amid the Coronavirus pandemic, and like Milan Men's Fashion Week 2021, which has quiet shows without an audience, many American fashion designers have begun to launch their autumn collections via live broadcasts, books, presentations and other digital media, a stark contrast to what was going on before the epidemic began.


Like last season, the New York Fashion Week schedule -- renamed the American Collection calendar -- will run for four days as designers launch their fall 2021 collections on the CFDA digital platform, Runway360, and here's all to expect during New York Fashion Week Fall 2021.


New York Fashion Week's short schedule is expected to run from February 14 to 17, according to the CFDA's American Collection calendar.