Turkey.. Women's clothing industry emulates the Era of 'Orato'


Turkey.. Women's clothing industry emulates the Era of 'Orato'


Turkey.. Women's clothing industry emulates the Era of 'Orato' 

An institute in the eastern Turkish state of Wan designs women's clothing with decorations and inscriptions that mimic the counterpart used during the Orato dynasty of eastern Anatolia in the 9th century BC.


The Institute of Maturity for Vocational Training and Traditional Arts has launched a program to "preserve the culture of the Orato civilization and pass it on to future generations".


As part of the program, the Institute recreated ancient engravings, decorations, accessories, and other items and decorations, by looking at the counterpart discovered during the orator-era archaeological excavations in the area.


The Institute designed women's clothing equipped with decorations, inscriptions, collectibles, and decorative objects that reflect the Orato era.


Speaking to Anadolu on Saturday, the institute's director, Nishi Avlioglu, said they have been continuing their work in preserving One's cultural values since 2019.


She noted that the Institute had prepared a collection of decorations used in Ontario women's clothing.


"We have worked extensively on the manufacture of different patterns, decorations, and geometric patterns," Said Avlioglu.


Their work aims to move people into their past, she said, adding that the institute plans to organize a fashion show to showcase these garments.


It took about six months for the institute to remanufacture these old tools and integrate them into the clothes they made, Avlioglu said.


Among the tools imitated by the Institute were bronze belts, shields, helmets, hair clips, seals, bracelets, necklaces, animal and plant symbols, etc.


Ontario is a kingdom established between the 9th and 7th centuries BC, in the mountains of eastern Anatolia, around Lake Wan, and the Turkish state of Wan was now its capital.