7 things that should stay in the women's bag all the time


7 things that should stay in the women's bag all the time


7 things that should stay in the women's bag all the time

Women's bags are sometimes filled with things that seem necessary but don't work, just as they are sometimes devoid of things that benefit both aesthetically and healthily, which we explain through the essential things that must be found in the women's bag all the time.

Amr Yahia wrote on the site qallwdall the 7 important things that you should not forget, let's explore that.




Some may think that containing the women's bag on socks is unnecessary, but it is very important, especially on rainy days, where walking on wet streets exposes the sock to water, increasing the sense of cold and discomfort, so keeping an extra sock is an ideal option.




If you experience the crisis of sticking a small piece of salad or nuts in your teeth when eating outside the house, trying to get rid of them through the fingers of the hand is not the best solution, but it is preferable to resort to the teeth sticks that, it remained inside the women's bag all the time, provide comfort to you, knowing that the use of those sticks should be done inside the toilet and not in public.




The rain-protection coat looks like a treasure on rainy winter days, so it's recommended to keep it inside the women's bag, which is an ideal choice if it doesn't take up much space with its fold, compared to the parachute that many don't prefer to carry on the way.


Blood type and phone number


A health crisis or a sudden accident on the road may require doctors to know what type of blood type a person may then be unconscious, revealing that the women's bag needs to contain some blood type information attached to the phone number of relatives so that they can reach you without difficulty.


Hand sanitizer


Whether we live in a period of a scary epidemic or not, keeping the sanitizer inside the women's bag is an ideal option for women, as there are huge amounts of germs on the hands when on the streets, so that diseases remain very common when eating or even touching the hand with the face, revealing the importance of using the hand sanitizer continuously, especially before eating or after entering the toilet.


Battery charger


While running out of phone battery is a hassle that can prevent you from reaching your friends or communicating with co-workers while drowning in traffic, having a battery charger inside the women's bag always helps to cope with these crises.


Small comb


Having a small comb inside your bag can help you refine your look before attending meetings or meeting friends, after spending a long time in the middle of the road, so keeping it on the go is essential.


In conclusion, these are some of the tools that should not be without the women's bag, as they are more like rescue sought for every girl while away from home.