How can the dressing of women be regulated?

January 13, 2021 January 13, 2021
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How can the dressing of women be regulated?


In this article on general rules for choosing clothes for women, we will review the best ways to choose the right clothes for you within the haute couture or modern and civilized an atmosphere appropriate to the fashion design world according to what corresponds to the occasion you will go to, the color of your skin, the story of the clothes and their suitability to the shape of your body and face.


We will also review general tips and advice on choosing your clothes in the best way.


 Foundations of the art of choosing the right colors

Foundations of the art of choosing the right colors

Choosing the right clothes for you depends on several factors, the most important of which is your skin color, as different skin tones affect the general shape of a woman, which requires the consistency of a woman’s skin color with the color of clothes and the colors used in her make-up.


Also, each of the seasons has more appropriate colors, here we offer you the following points:

 1. Choosing the appropriate color for the skin and the color of the clothes is not intended to be complete and permanent match, but what is meant is the harmony and suitability of the colors so that the color of the clothes does not repel women.

 2. In summer, it is recommended to wear light colors such as light blue, turquoise, and pastel neutral colors, which give women a look of softness, lightness, and more life.

 3. In the winter season the colors with sharp tones like black, white, and dark blue are more suitable for the season.

 4. It is preferable in the spring season to choose the colors favoring yellow and orange shades, which give a modern look and ideal trends, youth, and light, suitable for the season and the general atmosphere.

 5. In autumn, warm and deep colors are best suited, such as coffee and beige.

 6. The fair-skinned woman, if she puts on light makeup and wears light-colored clothes, her skin will appear pale and as if she is sick, so it is preferable to break this formula with a dark or slightly loud color.

 7. The owner of dark skin must choose clothes with a light degree of colors to break the uniformity of dark colors, whether in make-up or clothes.


Rules for choosing the right clothing store for you


 As we mentioned, choosing modern and modern clothes suitable for your style is also related to the story of the clothes you choose, and here we explain what is meant by this point:

• Clothes with vertical lines give the body a slimmer figure, so it is advised to avoid wearing clothes with vertical stripes for thin girls so that they do not appear thinner more.

 • Clothes with horizontal lines give a wider appearance to the girl, so a girl who is slightly full appears more fat than the reality because of the horizontal lines on the clothes, so it is advised to avoid it for them.

 • Clothes with bright, patterned patterns accentuate the details of the body and chest, in contrast to dark or non-patterned clothes that reduce the accentuation of areas on the body.

 • Low-waist pants give a more defined upper body shape and accentuate more body divisions. Draping the pants gives more volume to the legs, which may be inconsistent with the upper body. A-line skirts give a thinner waist and wider body.

 • Pointed skirts, on the contrary, give the image of a thinner and smaller lower body, exposing a woman's upper body.

 • Some clothes that contain stitching and embroidery in certain parts reflects a focus on these areas only.

 • Some upper garments have shoulder pads, which creates a picture of wider shoulders.

 • Choose clothes based on your body measurements such as head  circumference to choose hat size, arm to sleeves, waist circumference, hips, distance from the thigh to the bottom of the ankle.


The rules for choosing clothes according to the occasion


The rules for choosing clothes according to the occasion

The nature of the appropriate clothes varies according to the occasion for which you want to wear it, as follows:

1.     The rules for choosing sports clothes: When you decide to go on a sports walk that includes movement activities such as climbing, running, jogging and cycling, of course, sports clothes are your correct and proper choice, and about the nature of sportswear, you can wear what suits your general style and the fashion design world, whether you are veiled or not.

 2. Basics for choosing work clothes: Going to work requires wearing formal or semi-formal clothes, such as wearing a skirt, a women's suit, or a shirt and a jacket, and this is determined according to the nature of the workplace, the environment in which you work, the work requirements and the uniform image of the female employees in that place.

3. Choosing outdoor clothes: Going for a walk or going out with friends. Direct your choices in clothes to jeans with a suitable blouse in terms of color and nature, whether with sleeves, semi-sleeves or without sleeves.

 4. Choosing the main piece that you will wear will be based on choosing the outer piece, such as a blouse with sleeves and no sleeves, or a cotton T-shirt suitable for the jeans or pants you will wear.

 5. If you want to give your look and look a stylish and professional look, choose something from silk or a button-down shirt with black pants or a black skirt.

6. When going out for a wedding, engagement, or any other happy occasion, you have a large number of options between a long dress or a short dress and the character of dresses on these occasions is the most appropriate and most appropriate to highlight your femininity and beauty.

7. Choose appropriate socks for shoes and suitable for nature of the occasion and the nature of the clothes that you wear.

When wearing a dress, you must wear high-heeled shoes, unlike what you should wear when you wear sports clothes. Sports shoes are the best for movement and the general view as well.


Common mistakes when choosing clothes for women


Common mistakes when choosing clothes for women

Here are a number of common mistakes that many women make when buying and choosing their clothes, including:

 • Failure to choose the appropriate size for clothes, whether to buy with appreciation without measuring or lack of real knowledge of the most appropriate measurements for each woman and nature of her body.

• Joining haute couture, trend, and fashionable fashion without regard for the appropriate clothes for each woman, even if the clothes are not suitable for the details of this woman in terms of shape, story, color, size, and other factors.

 • The inconsistency of colors with each other, as women buy clothes separately and try to coordinate them with each other, as they may sometimes fail to match the clothes to each other in terms of color and shape of the piece.

 • Neglecting details such as accessories and shoes that spoil the consistency of colors and style completely if they are not arranged and suitable for the general view.

For example, wearing gold and diamond accessories in the gym or wearing jewelry and plastic accessories at a wedding occasion.

• Poor choice of the color of the veil for the veiled woman, so that it is not consistent with the color of the clothes, accessories, and make-up, which may give a bad impression on the clothes, even if they are beautiful and tidy.

Exaggeration in colors, cuts and details, one of the rules of beauty is that simplicity is always the most beautiful and closest to the eye and heart, even when choosing clothes and accessories.

General tips for choosing your best clothes We arrive at a set of tips and instructions that will help you in choosing your clothes better to get a modern, youthful, and upscale look:

1. Get rid of the old clothes that you do not wear and no longer suit your taste, size, or nature of your life to make room for new clothes.

2. Follow the fashion trends, trends and fashion shows, but you should choose from them only what suits your personality, needs, and nature of your life.

3. For big events, buy new and appropriate clothes for the occasion you want to attend in case you do not have clothes suitable for that occasion.

4. Take care of choosing the shoes. If the shoe is comfortable for you to move and is appropriate in terms of color, shape, and other clothing details, it gives complementarity to your clothes and image.

5. Soft, simple, and light accessories are the most beautiful and glamorous, unless the nature of the clothes bears the jewelry and heavy and more striking accessories.

 6. Intelligence in choosing the appropriate jacket and clothes, especially in the winter season, since their size is larger, so they must be chosen intelligently so that women do not appear overweight and inconsistent body shape.

7. Choosing the appropriate size for each woman depends on several factors. Even if you like a piece of clothing if its size is not appropriate, either take it to a skilled tailor to correct its size and measurements or not buy a piece of clothing that does not suit you.

8. Separate your clothes according to use. Work clothes remain for work and clothes for going out with friends, especially for this purpose.

9. Maintaining the cleanliness of clothes, ironing and always arranging them, and hanging them in the most appropriate wardrobe to keep them.



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