Three Easy Nail Designs For Short Nails


Three Easy Nail Designs For Short Nails


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Nails are part of the human being, although the best advice for their cleanliness is to cut them using nail scissors, but it may turn out to be the opposite for women, as it is an element of a woman’s beauty if she takes care of it, and cleans it without cutting it, then carefully start with it, Using nail polishes and other cosmetics related to it.


I have always admired those people who can regularly rock their extremely long nails. However, my lifestyle means short nails are more practical and less likely to break. But short nails don't mean boring nails! I'm sharing with you three easy DIY nail designs for short nails.

Before you start


If you want your manicure to shine through, you need to take good care of your nails. If you want your short nails to look good, you will need to give your skin some love and shape it properly.


Start with cuticle oil and then gently push the excess skin in with an orangewood stick. This will make your nails look more elegant and help your manicure last longer.


Nails that are short or long look best when shaped with a glass nail file. You don't need to do anything complicated: oval or seashells look great on short nails. Just make sure they are all the same length so that the manicure looks flat and no nail looks out of place.


The three easy nail designs for short nails below should be applied to a base coat that suits your requirements. This will help you avoid stains and make your manicure last longer.


So, with the preparation finished, it was time to explore some manicure ideas for short nails!


Classic: French manicure


A timeless French manicure will make your fingers look longer which is a great bonus. It's also office-friendly even in most corporate environments.

Some people choose to paint white varnish directly on top of a clear base, while others use nude nail polish on the entire nail. Essie Ballet Slippers are very popular for this.


There are French manicure stickers that you can stick to under the free edge of your nails, where you want the white section to start completely. It makes creating a crisp white color so much easier! Or if you're feeling adventurous, replace the white with a contrasting neon color or even black.


Don't forget a glossy topcoat to take your French manicure to the next level!


Geometric seal


If you are looking for something a little more vibrant than a French manicure, nail stamping is a good way to get started in nail art. Stamping means transferring designs from metal stamping plates to nails using stamping. This is fun!


For short nails, an engineering stamp works best, as you may not have enough space for a cute drawing or other infrequent designs. But try to see what you like best!


Some formulations that work great on short nails are a gold stamp on a blue background, silver on black or red, and even a shiny silver or gold stamp on a nude polished base.


You'll need a little bit of equipment here, but nothing too expensive. Nail stamping kits usually include one or more stamp pads, a stamp, and a scraper (or you can use an old credit card for it). It may take some practice to learn how to lift the design perfectly from the plate and stamp it onto the nail but the results are salon-worthy.


Alternative advice


This type of design combines the always popular negative space trend with a colorful manicure. Choose two complementary colors, such as red, gold, black, and silver, or even two different colors of the same color. For example, you can replace the shiny ends with matte ones.


Leave the bottom half of the nail bare but for a clear base coat, alternate the polish of the ends in each of the two colors chosen. Quick and easy, but it's still eye-catching and will make your nails look longer.


And don't forget to protect your manicure with a long-wearing top. Quick-drying topcoats are ideal for nail art, as they reduce the risk of staining all your heavy-duty work.