Disney costumes and the talent of Anastasia

August 30, 2020 August 30, 2020
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Disney costumes and the talent of Anastasia


Everyone loves watching cartoons and Disney movies, to restore our childhood and feel the true happiness of living in this world full of illogical events and the fantasy world of cartoon characters, it does not make us think about what these characters will wear and how they will look in the real world.


On Disney world outfit ideas, anyone imagining if a princess was wearing a fancy dress? Or a prince in a kind of royal suite with a bright-colored military jacket?

But we all associate these things with fairy tales or royalty.


Anastasia Kasyanova, a Russian painter, loved to enter the Disney world outfit ideas, and gave the idea and a lot of her time and decided to convert these cartoon characters to characters who are similar to us in terms of their clothes, and not only that but also decided to make them more elegant and wearing the latest fashionable fashion.


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Anastasia's talent


And about Anastasia's talent, according to the "brainberries" site, she said that she discovered her talent when she was a child. She was good at drawing and was interested in the lines and the fashion world on the one hand and the Disney world outfit ideas on the other hand, so it was logical that when she was seventeen years old she went to study fashion design at university. She is currently working as an illustrator and fashion designer.

disney world outfit ideas

SpongeBob and Patrick as a very fashionable girl

disney world outfit ideas

Squward head towards green hair and Ralph Lauren.

disney world outfit ideas

Sandy is gorgeous than ever in this purple dress and hairstyle very appropriate, and the necklace.

disney world outfit ideas

And finally, a pearl in an all-pink Dior dress with white shoes.


disney world outfit ideas

Vanellope von Schweetz looks as elegant as ever in this outfit, with a trendy hairband and some Hermes goodies that she has tackled on her own, too.



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