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Disney is one of the most famous international brands loved by adults and children alike, and Disney is a name inspired by cartoon characters.

These cartoon characters, some of which are representatives of women, some of which are representatives of children, or young girls, and in the ideas of the Disney world outfit ideas, we find that many designers have entered this field because of its fame and tangible success.

Where characters in Disney world were famous for forming different clothes based on famous cartoon characters such as Cinderella and others.

Just as Disney is a global brand, it started in cartoon characters through fashion and clothing, which encouraged its followers to follow its news, in all respects, especially those who followed these characters when they were young!

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In this article, we will grab the latest news about the Disney world, and we will talk specifically about the Disney princesses in Cambridge and the Disney brand's collaboration with Cody


Disney Princesses in Cambridge


It can simply be said that there is not a single girl who has not dreamed of being a princess, or of her favorite princess, especially the Disney princesses.

But what happens when the way and beauty of the Disney princesses are merged with the beauty and splendor of Cambridge, which can be described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From the Disney world outfit ideas

Medieval buildings dotted with green trees and open green spaces make Cambridge, a city in the United Kingdom, look straight out of a fairytale book.


Melissa Ong and Lusana Cernivasan “re-imagine the Disney Princesses as modern women living their best life in Cambridge.


To clarify their idea, the duo said, "We hope that every woman feels beautiful in her skin, regardless of her skin color or body shape."


Therefore, the duo, who are close friends, rotated the traditional Disney princesses and dressed according to the fashions and trends of the day, to bring them closer to the girls of this age.


Libraries such as Cambridge University Press do the cornerstone of students ' lives in Cambridge, and the two girls rely on film ideas in implementing their project, as "Bell" from the famous movie The Princess and the Beast liked books and tended to read them.


The project relied on two aspects, namely, wearing Luxana to look like Disney princesses, and choosing the filming location on the other hand to highlight the beauty, architecture, homes, and historic properties in Cambridge, which the two girls succeeded well.


Disney collaborated with Cody


In the ideas of the Disney world of fashion, the British newspaper "Mirror" confirmed that Disney recently cooperated with the Japanese company "Kodia" for wedding dresses, to launch a new line consisting of 14 dresses, six princesses from the Disney world and they are: Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Aurora, and Aka (Sleeping Beauty) Snow White and Cinderella.

Of course, there was a wonderful "Cinderella" dress in a calm blue color and the shoes were available from crystal and whole and not a single one and Bella is the heroine of Beauty and the Beast. Your husband, the protagonist is much more beautiful.