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April 17, 2020 July 07, 2021
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Description: fashion world cloth: Here we offer every girl or lady a set of tips that will help them greatly in choosing the best clothes for them.
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No woman in the world can neglect to choose the appropriate clothes or neglect in her care, because the elegance of the woman is something that does not tolerate for her, and for all that and more we offer each girl or lady who follows us a set of tips that will help them greatly Choose the best clothes for them, and these tips are as follows:


1-    Tips for clothing colors:


·        Light colors are best suited for summer and day in general, while dark colors are evening and winter colors.


·        Glossy colors are the colors of weddings, evening parties, and evening events.


·        Do not wear pillowcases on one pillowcase of the same color, but rather be patterned on the pillow and vice versa.


2-    Tips for clothing size:


·        It is preferable for the lower piece of clothing to be wider than the upper one unless the upper one is short. this keeps up the fashion world cloth


·        The size of your jeans should be appropriate to the above.


·        Make sure that the sizes of your clothes are proportional to each other.


3-    With regard to the nature of the clothing fabric:


·         Glossy satin is best for evening wear and is not preferred during daytime.


·        Light cotton is suitable for making summer-wear clothing because of its ability to absorb sweat.


·        Wool and fur, clothing made from them is only worn.


·        Industrial fabrics carry a set of advantages and disadvantages that make choosing among them something that should be done very carefully in order to obtain the largest possible number of their advantages and avoid all their faults.


·        All of these tips we also add to them are tips related to the fashion world cloth to choosing the right shoes for what to wear. Without it, the beauty of what you wear will not appear through the following:


§  Long-legged boots are not suitable for jeans, especially tight-fitting ones.


§  Long boots are best to wear in winter, and it is preferable that part of them does not disappear under your clothes.


§  Open shoes are best for summer without socks.


§  Sports shoes are no longer limited to being worn during the day and during work. Rather, in today's fashion world cloth there are types that are worn in the evening and at different parties.


§  The color of the shoe must match the colors of your clothes.

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