Golden tips for perfect makeup

April 19, 2020 May 03, 2023
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Description: In this article, we offer a set of tips for perfect makeup, and you will get an excellent appearance and dazzling beauty
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Golden tips for perfect makeup

In this article, we present a set of advice that you will adhere to, and you will get an excellent appearance and impressive beauty, through the following:

Tips when applying lipstick

• Dark colors of evening and evening, especially with glossiness.
Light colors are suitable for day and work.

• Apply foundation to your lips first, and then apply healing red, which will show the color better.

Your lipstick color needs to be consistent with the color of your clothes.
Tips when applying foundation:

• Choose a foundation color of two lighter shades at most.

• It is preferable to choose the species that lasts for at least 12 hours.

• You can choose the types that have the sun protection factor and what is anti-aging.

• It is preferable to use a moisturizing cream before the foundation cream.

• It is preferable to use the foundation on clean skin.

• Don't forget to put on a makeup fixer, as this will make it last longer.

Tips when applying blush

        Do not multiply it, whatever it's color.

        Choose a color that matches your lipstick.

        Place it in specific areas of the face, such as the forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose.

        It is preferable to apply it after foundation and powder

Tips when applying nail polish:

        Choose bright colors for evening and evening, while matte is best suited for work and day.
        Dark colors are best for dark hands, while light colors are for white hands.
        You can use a nail hardener to make nail polish more beautiful.

Tips when applying mascara:

• Mascara cannot be used three months after opening it.

• Choose the right color for your eyelashes.

Tips when applying eyeliner and eyeliner:

        Black eyeliner is placed inside the wide eyes while the white eyeliner or eyeliner inside narrow eyes.
        Choose the eye shadow color that matches your clothing and makeup colors, especially the eye shadow colors and eye color itself.

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