Disney presents wedding dresses inspired by the costumes of her princesses

September 03, 2020 September 03, 2020
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Disney presents wedding dresses inspired by the costumes of her princesses


We have previously talked about some Disney events, here we will talk about other events within Disney world outfit ideas.


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Every girl dreams of being like Disney princesses on her wedding night and every bride wishes to wear a dress that resembles those dresses in fairy tales and that the dream knight snatches her on his white horse, and although many of those dreams do not usually happen in reality, the Disney the company decided to go Disney world outfit ideas and that Make a realistic aspect of it to fulfill girls' dreams and wishes at their wedding party.


To fulfill part of this dream of the legendary wedding, within Disney world outfit ideas Disney announced its cooperation with "


Allure Bridal company and Disney


Allure Bridal" company to work on a set of wedding dresses inspired by their characters from princesses, so if you dream that your wedding day includes a dance across the bay with your prince or standing on the beach in A mermaid-inspired dress, this dream may come true, after the new Disney announced the launch of new wedding dresses in stores during the year 2020.


Also, Allure Bridals announced the first collection of Disney Fairy Tale concerts, a collection of 16 different styles, silhouettes, and fabrics inspired by princesses such as Ariel, Belle, and Tiana, as well as the group, which will launch for the first time during Bridal Fashion Week in New York in In April 2020, romantic dresses and mermaid dresses are then launched in stores, and their prices range between $ 1,200 and $ 2,500, according to what was reported by "Today".


Seven of the 16 exclusive designs will be presented at Kleinfield bridal stores in New York City and Toronto, also known as the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Platinum Collection, and will range from $ 3,500 to $ 10,000, featuring a princess Tiana-inspired gown covered with vines and sparkling flowers inspired by the preparation. Bayou in "The Princess and the Frog".


Disney princesses dress


"Many brides are growing up and admiring their favorite Disney princess characters and being inspired by their travels ... We are honored to work with Disney in this group and see romance," said Kelly Crum, CEO of Allure Bridals, in a press release about the new line, which is available in sizes 0-30. Achieved. "



Disney presents wedding dresses inspired by her princesses


Burkard told TODAY Style, "I incorporated some classic Disney movies of the day ... Our night was titled" Beautiful Sleeper ", and my bridesmaids wore blue Cinderella dresses and my flowers were about" Alice in Wonderland "... and it was all before she became Disney's bridal stuff is a colossal thing and that was before Etsy. "


"Disney is important to us because she carries so much nostalgia ... We didn't want the entire Disney wedding, but we decided to have one imprecise touch," said Cushy. And I really felt magic like a princess. "


Disney world outfit ideas have become reality !


Kochi wedding dresses were inspired by the princesses she loves - Belle and Cinderella - and the 30-year-old says she enjoyed having a wide range of dresses to choose from at the bridal store and felt beautiful.


"That was more important than just choosing a dress because it was a Disney princess wedding dress .. I think that the magic of my dress is that it made me feel like a princess, not that I am a princess because I specifically bought a Disney princess dress," she added.

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