The measure of women's beauty

April 12, 2020 January 26, 2021
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Description: The outer beauty is of interest to many people, some are carefully looking at it, and others forget the beauty of the spirit .
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 The measure of women's beauty

The outer beauty is of interest to many people, some are carefully looking at it, and others forget the beauty of the spirit.


There are many competitions in which women compete to show which one is prettier than the other, and however beautiful the soul, body, and face care, in general, the women are that soft, irresistible sex.


The care of women of all shape, replace the constant development, where she appeared several tools competed for companies large and small in the preparation of products relating to all women and highlighted the best of form and image.

I think the mirror is beautiful in its original form, without any additions to it, where attractive women are by
nature, but many women find it important to add other things either on their face or their body in general to be a woman, beautiful or confident.

But hey! What kind of beauty measure does a woman look beautiful? Let's talk about it briefly.


Judging the beauty of women in Europe and America


For the States of Europe, America, and Western States in general, women's length is a factor of beauty that they are interested in, as they find that long-established women are the best and most beautiful.

Poetry is also a component of their beauty, but not of any poetry. They prefer blonde-haired women, no matter how tall that hair is.


Many people in these countries also love the body of women sports, women who are thin. At the same time, a woman with wide shoulders.

Other signs of beauty that many people in Europe and other countries look forward to are so heavy or full lips that even those who go to beauty centers work to enlarge their lips to be full!


It is worth mentioning that Blond hair women are not just what they like. Also, a large class of American and European citizens love the black skin and consider the black girl a beautiful girl, many of whom view the black color of the girl as an important measure of beauty.


The scale of beauty varies from place to place


The measures of beauty differ from place to place and from culture to culture, as the measures mentioned above, differ from those of Arabs and many other countries.


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