Find out the reasons why you are asking for a raise at work

Mohammed Alashqar January 05, 2023

Talking about a promotion at work is risky and scary. Together with practical recruitment experts, they have listed arguments that will help introduce themselves to the authorities. 1. You have more …

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Cybercrime and their prevention

Mohammed Alashqar January 02, 2023

You have certainly heard about cybercrime, but you may not know about the nature of these crimes, their tools, and how you can avoid being a victim of them. We learn about all of that in this article…

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F World , Healthy drinks to start your day

Fashion World December 02, 2022

Healthy drinks is recommended at the beginning of the day to help get energy and rid the body of toxins. What are the best healthy drinks to start your day? Healthy drinks to start your day The body …

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What do you know about International Kindness Day?

Mohammed Alashqar November 13, 2022

The gloomy sky, the "naked" trees, the puddles under the feet ... Let's be honest, such an autumn picture does not improve the mood. People on the street, mentally immersed in their aff…

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90s kid

how to dress like a 90s kid?

نعمة النيرب December 20, 2021

90s kid The vast majority will quite often wince a when thinking back on old pictures or photographs from their yearbook, generally on the grounds that their style would be viewed as obsolete at th…

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