Find out the reasons why you are asking for a raise at work

January 05, 2023 January 05, 2023
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Description: Talking about a promotion at work is risky and scary. Employment experts have listed arguments that will help introduce themselves to the authorities.
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Talking about a promotion at work is risky and scary. Together with practical recruitment experts, they have listed arguments that will help introduce themselves to the authorities.

1. You have more responsibility

If you recognize yourself in the words “I have more tasks, but I can still be called a junior” or “I really do the amount of tasks and have the same level of responsibility as my middle colleague” - then it's time to move up the career ladder.

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For example, you have already worked in your position for a year, the tasks have become easier and faster for you, or, for example, you have started using a new stack.

It is important that this is confirmed by increasing performance indicators.

Prepare for the meeting with a timeline of your projects showing that you're really getting faster, or a list of the skills you've mastered over the past year.

3. You are ready to take on mentoring roles

Promotion, particularly from junior to intermediate, always goes hand-in-hand with mentoring duties.

The middle one is the one who can educate, share knowledge and guide the younger fellows.

If you've already started doing this, then you have leadership potential, and it's time to make it official.

4. You delivered a great result

For example, you completed an amazing project with results that were not expected of you.

Here is your argument - "I have completed a difficult and new task for myself or an important task for the company, and I would like to continue working with such projects, but in a different mode."

5. You can fill a vacancy

Any changes within the company - the departure of the president, a change in the organizational structure or restructuring of personnel - is an opportunity to apply for the next position. Maybe you didn't think about it yesterday.

However, it's time to think: "Maybe now? Am I ready? Can I?"

6. You have new financial circumstances

This is not the strongest argument, but it can reinforce the rest. For example, you are preparing for a big move, planning to rent an apartment for more money or take out a mortgage.

You could say, "This year I've proven to be an effective employee, and now, due to new financial circumstances, I'm asking you to consider promoting me.

I'm planning to move, so I'm ready to work harder and feel strong to move forward in my career."

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