What is the true relationship of the age of the candidate for work with the employer?

January 05, 2023 January 05, 2023
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Description: What is the true relationship of the age of the candidate to work with the employer? . Let's get to know the truth in this article
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What is the true relationship of the age of the candidate for work with the employer

By law, you cannot be denied work because of age. But, unfortunately, some recruits have prejudices and stereotypes, and candidates have fears.

We have prepared tips for those who are looking for a job, but are afraid of being rejected because of age, with specialists from the Practical Training Center.

If you want to indicate the wrong age on your resume

Including age on your resume depends on your comfort level. If you're concerned that the number on the first page might scare off an employer, omit it, but don't underestimate or overestimate the age.

It can also be calculated by other signs: the year of graduation from the university or the terms of work.

If you are worried that you are too young

The main thing to remember when responding is your experience. If you've had a small portfolio so far, you most likely have learning projects: describe them briefly and try to turn them into a relevant experience.

If you have taken training courses where there is a practical part - as in Yandex Practicum - for retraining, attach your graduation project.

The HSE study showed that 68% of practical training graduates under the age of 25 were able to find a job in 2022. This is the highest employment rate among all age groups.

If you are worried about choosing younger

As many graduates of the workshop say, this danger exists, but it can be overcome. In fact, you even have advantages.

You have already managed to work somewhere and know something about yourself. In addition, you already have experience and soft skills, which young applicants often lack.

Find relevant skills in your previous experience and list them.

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