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December 07, 2022 January 03, 2023
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Description: Vinicius Júnior is the most Brazilian of the national team players. The most skilful, the most swinging, the owner beach swing on FIFA's noble grass.
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Vinicius Júnior is the most Brazilian of the national team players. The most skilful, the most swinging, the owner of the beach swing on FIFA's noble grass.

Vinicius Junior

It's the smile on the face and in the sambista's fine people that he embodies in feints and provocative passes, because he's only Brazilian, the malicious and superior style.

Vinicius Junior, from Real Madrid, deserves noble references for what he has of personality to wear the starting shirt of Tite's national team.

Brazil, with the crop available, irregular, without extra shine, unpredictable, will never be able to give up Vinicius Júnior.

He was always skilled and exceedingly fast. It would remind you of a Ferrari in the good old days of Formula-1.

Start with your head held high and leave the ball in the opposing area. At Flamengo, he had defects in finishing that, repeated in Europe, where banal failures are not allowed, sounded reckless.

Zidane, our World Cup ripper in 1998 and 2006, had patience with Vinicius Júnior, because a genius stops playing without ceasing to be a genius.

He saw potential in the boy. Only an ass doesn't assimilate even 1% of quality with Zidane's exuberance. Vinicius Júnior is not even an ass and he is a superstar without the super productions of his teammate Neymar.

He has agile legs inviting aimless runs. Legs that can be used to set up efficient counterattacks, since Vinicius Júnior was made aware that running for the sake of running is not an attribute of rheas, birds with wings that are not used for flight, but for balance and a safe change of direction.

Vinicius Júnior looks like an emu and the redesign of his stylist layout shows his light shins that can be of benefit to his football.

First, by teaching him that he is a gaiety player, so lacking in dour patropis schemes. He learned that he should think before he sweats.

And a good striker imagines what he's going to do in a way that leaves no alternative for the scorer.

Fast for fast is marked by anticipation. The ball does not reach him. This was done by side Mazinho do Vasco in the classics against Renato Gaúcho do Flamengo.

There was a Renato before and after Mazinho. Who won every contest. Renato spent years losing until Mazinho went to Italy. And then, in Brazil, with Palmeiras, to return to midfield.

Vinicius Junior

Tite would have already put Vinicius Júnior to use up fuel in a useless way, in a vain attempt to give substance to his (Tite's) mechanical game. Shooting the ball from the sides, unbalancing himself until he loses it. 

As if Neymar's insistence as a sprinter in a bandeau had brought some specific advance in terms of titles or conceptual progress in tactics.

Zidane, former coach of Real Madrid, saw in Vinicius Júnior what he was forced to live with in the rush of Henry and Trezeguet that he transformed into pleasant productivity to watch, subtly imposing on the two the royalty of his charming touches and merciless finishing.

Zidane was - I cleared the doubt after several comparative videos, superior to Platini and better in tenths than Kopa, the sublime little man of 1958.

Still on the Brazilian national team, with Vinicius Júnior, Richarlison, Raphinha, Paquetá, Neymar without the armor of a savior, free from the minority irregularity and the bizarre badness of a Jô, Vinicius Júnior rose to the top block well before the end of the World Cup.

Too bad Arrascaeta is Uruguayan and can't be naturalized. It would be Machine. Brazil aired in Vinicius Júnior's pagode sympathy. Vini Junior is freshness. It's Vinicius, the team's little poet, Adílio reborn, the moonlight.


Madureira (RJ), Rio de Janeiro's punching bag at the time of the thick Ruço Beijinho Doce, thrashed South Korea by 11x1. The goal of the easterners would be against. Don't worry, the Cup starts on Wednesdays.


And it has been on Wednesdays, the common Brazilian difficulty. But it was good, it was.


Rebolado punishes.


The chronicler and columnist is a critic, he is not to pamper the football club, manager, coach or player. Therefore, in the specific case of ABC with striker Wallyson, he strongly and freely opines. Just know the real fact.


ABC should disclose, for example, that Wallyson's manager has been disrupting negotiations with the club by postponing several meetings scheduled by the board.


If he's smart, Wallyson should soon get rid of this figure who has no importance for the historical relationship between institution and idol. Keep to yourself, trader.

no waiting

ABC, to continue this soap opera, shouldn't even wait. Wallyson needs to trust ABC more than a partner interested only in his own pocket money.

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