Russia at the 2022 World Cup Our Cameroonian took the field, but Switzerland won

November 24, 2022 January 03, 2023
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Description: Russia at the 2022 World Cup. Our Cameroonian took the field, but Switzerland won. The truth is very interesting .
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Russia at the 2022 World Cup

Tricolor on boots

Cameroon is the most Russian team of this World Cup. Her colors are defended by a Russian citizen and a graduate of Lokomotiv Gael Ondua, and one of the two RPL legionnaires at the tournament, Dynamo player Mumi Ngamale, is also on the application.

The main historical achievement of football Cameroon is also associated with Russia: in 1990, Valery Kuzmich Nepomniachtchi brought the African team to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, for which a street in the capital was named after the coach.

True, neither Ondua nor Ngamale got into the starting lineup for the game with Switzerland.

The place of the Dynamo midfielder on the right flank was taken by Mbeumo, who only a few months ago changed his sports citizenship from French.

Ondua is not considered the main one in the national team - the Hannover midfielder has played little this season, so his absence from the starting lineup was not a surprise, although he appeared on the lawn in the second half.

And a Cameroonian came out in boots with the Russian tricolor, as he announced in his Telegram channel.

2022 World Cup

Shiny Sommer

Before the start of the tournament, Cameroon did not look like a group favorite, although Samuel Eto'o bet his compatriots on the triumph of the World Cup.

It was assumed that Brazil will easily reach the playoffs, and Switzerland and Serbia will fight for the second ticket. But in the first two rounds, Cameroon had to play with the Europeans, so the Africans immediately had to score points.

It was difficult to do so. Cameroon had a hard time scoring goals in the autumn friendlies, and Switzerland had to score with the magnificent Sommer in the goal.

The goalkeeper of Borussia Mönchengladbach saved a record 19 shots in the match with Bayern in August,

and he constantly shines in the national team - in the qualifying tournament, Italy twice did not convert a penalty into his goal, which is why he went to the joints, and then went home to TVs.

In this match, Sommer also became one of the heroes. Even at the beginning of the first half, he did not allow Mbeumo and Ekambi to score, and even after that he continued to drag.

Cameroon definitely looked better in the first half hour and could well have scored. But the attack with Shupo-Moting at the head could not push through the defense, and the African shamans in the stands did not conjure a goal.

Goal teammate Golovin

Switzerland acted quite passively before the break - something like Murat Yakin's Spartak. The Europeans did not insist on possession and climbed forward as carefully as possible.

During the break, the coach probably asked the players to increase their movement, because the Swiss lacked him.

And it was worth accelerating immediately after the break, as Cameroon missed. The simplest goal: Shaqiri hung in the center of the penalty area, where Embolo for some reason, all alone, turned the ball into the goal.

Probably, the Cameroonian defenders considered the Monaco striker theirs, so they did not cover him. On the whole, they are right: Embolo was born in Cameroon and emphatically did not celebrate the goal.

World Cup

Game score

The scenario instantly became as comfortable as possible for Switzerland. Even at the qualifying tournament, she showed that she can keep the required score, and, as a result, she did not suffer a single defeat then.

Switzerland could have been more likely to score: Onana deflected the ball after a hard shot by Vargas, and Zambo-Angissa almost cut the ball into his own net.

In the middle of the second half, first Ondua appeared on the field, and a little later, Ngamale.

The Russian in the support zone looked good and at least did not allow a second conceded goal, while the Dynamo player did not flourish the attack of Cameroon.

The Swiss calmly brought the matter to victory and deservedly won. 1:0 - game score.

The truth is that the World Cup this season is very interesting and we are waiting for surprises again !

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