How do fat people feel and what are the causes of obesity

fat people
How do  fat people feel and what are the causes of obesity

Excess weightand obesity is an abnormal and massive accumulation of fat people, and it is harmful to health and causes diseases to the body.

overweight and obesity

If you do not exercise enough and eat food and drinks with high calories that are not useful, this leads to weight gain and obesity.

People fat  obese because they take certain medications for certain diseases, such as diabetes, depression, or high blood pressure.

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4 main causes of obesity

There are several major factors that play a role in overweight gain and obesity. Among the most important reasons are diet, that you do not exercise, environmental factors, and genetics.

Food and Activity

People fat when they eat a lot more calories than they burn. This is the biggest and most important reason for weight gain.


The environment around us affects the ability to maintain a healthy weight such as:

1. The lack of parks in the area and gyms suitable for everyone, this makes it difficult for people to practice physical activity.

2. Eating large quantities of food increases calories, so you must exercise.

3. People fat due to their inability to buy healthy foods.

4. Advertisements encourage people to buy unhealthy food.

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Studies show that genes play a major role in obesity and overweight. It directly causes obesity, through the disorders of Prader-Willi syndrome.

Scientists say that genes increase the risk of obesity in a person.

Health Conditions and Medications

When there are hormonal problems, this leads to weight gain and obesity, such as an imbalance in the thyroid hormone.

Stress, Emotional Factors, and Poor Sleep

When I'm bored, stressed or irritable, I start eating more than usual. It causes a hormonal imbalance that leads to weight gain and obesity.




Is it bad to run while obese?

you suffer from obesity and overweight, do not exercise strenuously without consulting a doctor, consult your doctor first. To do some important checks to get you started. Start slowly or gradually.


How to start running fat girl?

When you start running it is difficult, if you are overweight due to excess body fat. Running can make you sweat more easily than those with a fit body. But start gradually and slowly.

Can a fat people run fast?

Some studies have shown that obese fat  people who exercise have a healthy heart and blood vessels and that they live longer than skinny people.

And they have light movement and have the ability to win over their peers.

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