How to do space buns with curly hair?

December 04, 2021 December 04, 2021
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Description: buns with curly hair: These buns with curly hair are really simple and keep the volume in your twists. It's twice pretty much as fun.
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How to do space buns with curly hair
How to do space buns with curly hair

These buns with curly hair are really simple and keep the volume in your twists. It's twice pretty much as fun as a customary bun and I like to keep it a little free and chaotic, actually like my twists.

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I'm continually searching for ways of keeping my twists looking adequate, particularly when it gives me an additional multi-day without washing my hair.

That is to say, who has the opportunity to wash their hair consistently day?


I let my twists dry normally and utilized a mousse to in wet hair to assist with molding my twists. Then, at that point, on the second (or possibly third?) day I pin them up in this style.


Hairstyle for buns with curly hair – the double bun


Hairstyle for buns with curly hair

For this style, you'll simply require a couple of bobby pins. You can likewise utilize some hair elastics to isolate your hair before the buns assuming your hair is long yet I didn't require them in my hair.

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My hair actually had sufficient volume yet sprinkled a little styling powder (like Schwarzkopf Volume Powder) at the roots to add some surface and stature at the front.


  1.   Divide your hair into two sections at the back.
  2. Take the left area and roll it into a low bun along the edge. Simply place the bun under your left ear.
  3. Then, at this point, take the correct area and rotate this to frame a bun adjacent to the main bun.
  4. Jot down the buns with a bun with curly hair.
  5. Design your surroundings. You can stick them to the completed pattern or leave them drop-down. Assuming it's a little messy, use a bit of a curler to reshape it.

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This is a very speedy and simple style for work and is incredible for medium-length to long hair.

I'd say it just takes me two minutes all things considered to do, perhaps less assuming my periphery needn't bother with any styling.


Wavy young ladies, check this out in your second (or third) day's twists and let me in on how you go!


Assuming that you have straight hair, this will likewise work in your hair. You can utilize a twisting wand to add a surface before you start, or make the style more smooth and smooth.

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How do you make a bun with curly hair?

1- The hair is collected and raised to the desired height.

2- Tie up in a ponytail.

3- Wrap the hair to make the bun, around the tie.

4- The hair is fixed with a hair tie, and small clips if necessary. Spray hairspray.


How do you put your hair up in a space bun?

·    Gather your hair into a high ponytail and tie it with a small elastic.

·   Lift the tip of the ponytail up and through the middle of your hair, under the elastic.

·   Wrap the remaining hair tip around the bun and secure the bun with bobby pins.


Can you do a messy bun with curly hair?

·    Start with dry hair, and have everything you need close at hand.

·    Flip your hair forward.

·    Start gathering your hair as if you were going to make a ponytail.

·    Slide the hair tie over your hair.

·    Pull your hair through the middle of the hair tie.

·    Wrap the hair tie around your hair one or two more.

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